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Hey my name is Arlynn and I have been an anime/manga lover for almost all my life. Starting with Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Reboot. =P I love playing video games too.

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July 8, 2009

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October 2, 2011

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IchiNaru avatar IchiNaru


Jul 9, 2009

Woho neat avatar you have. Where is it from? Hope you have a good time !

Kind Regards !

//zR0 !

DragNviper13 avatar DragNviper13


Jul 9, 2009

haha why am i not suprised on what you're doing haha

DragNviper13 avatar DragNviper13


Jul 9, 2009

Prolly more of a "wanting free food" kinda thing haha. But i think its since she would be the only one in the group who is not going. What are you going to do anyways?

DragNviper13 avatar DragNviper13


Jul 9, 2009

Yes its not the first time i called you that. And no, not that i know of. I dont think she is on here. Paige didn't post her AP signature on crunchyroll just in case she decided to get one.

Hisokasbaby avatar Hisokasbaby

Thanks! ^_^

Jul 9, 2009

Ha ha thanks :3 And omg, Baccano! is getting good. I couldn't wait for the new English episodes to come out on On Demand, so I'm watching it online (feels a little weird in Japanese, since it's about America and stuff XD But Firo's voice isn't as annoying...).

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