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Hai there, my name's Elise. I'm 15.

I have to say, the nerdy side to my personality has really taken over me for the past year or two. I started watching old anime shows late at night on 'Adult Swim', even though I had no idea what was going on since I was only 8 or 9. After a while, I stopped and stumbled upon 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'. I fell in LOVE with it and soon was watching the whole dubbed series online and crying at sad parts. When the series was over, I felt like something was missing from me. Sooo, I searched up Inuyasha, watched the whole series, joined a few fan-groups, downloaded music from Limewire, and ta-da! I'm obsessed with Inuyasha. But, of course, like everything else, it had an end (I still need to watch 'The Final Act'). I recently began watching Naruto and am COMPLETELY addicted at the moment. You can obviously tell I've got an addictive personality... ;3;  I'm currently watching Naruto and plan to move to Shippuden soon. Personally, I would rather watch dub, but subbed is good too! I'm trying to get into manga, but I'm just a wee-bit lazy!

Oh....and how can I forget? ...I'm a sucker for yaoi!! :D

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Quicks1lv3r says...

Hey there ! Great anime taste ! :)


// Quicks1lv3r.

Feb 2, 2011