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Let's just say i've gone on an anime watching rampage this last year or so, and am determined to watch as many as possible before the year is through n_n

I can remember my first expirence with anime was watching Pokemon/Digimon/Dragonball before school when I was a kid, although back then I knew them as 'cartoons'.

My first proper anime I watched was Death Note, which opened up the world to me, and will always have a special place in my heart.

I have a bad habit of starting long anime's and abandoning them halfway, which is rather naughty of me. I'll usually love the bad guys, and hate the female charactors.

My favourite pokemon looks-wise is eevee, in the anime it's either Oshawatt or Phyduck but for battling it has to be Gyarados. My favourite Digimon will always be Patamon, and Kakashi/Shikamaru is my favourite Naruto charactor :)

As for anime's, my favourite is currently either Deadman Wonderland or Naruto n_N

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