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about me

Love Manga, Live in cookie land, Yaoi lover, neko lover, plushy lover and Photoshop User in training.


Wanting to:

Create Fonts

Make Video Games

More Manga reading



Don't want to:

Miss Dinner

Not have cookie

Loss a friend

Be Jealous

That's all?

AH wait i do want Kaito from vocaloid out of the screen monitor..

I don't want him there TT^TT

I want him in real life so i could hug him and sleep in the same bed and hide him from my parents.


That would be a dream or something like that.

Wonder if there's any boy like kaito who's sweet and all..


Every Fan girl has her right to want their 2D boy to become real right?


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May 10, 2011

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May 10, 2011

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