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I'm lovepink, a complete anime lover who just can't get enough of japanese stuff in life (including animes, mangas, jmusic, asian dramas and so on). Visiting Tokyo is my dream ^^

Arigato for visiting my page!

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wolfangel87 Dec 6, 2007

I know!  I kept going between the guys because Yuhi's personality was just so great.  I think Touya really got me though because I liked the danger aspect surrounding him and the sense of mystery.  I also thought he was really sexy!  Awww, now I want to watch it again!!!!!

wolfangel87 Dec 6, 2007

hahaha, it was really hard for me to decide which guy I liked better at first but at last I did end up choosing Touya!  Who did you like?

wolfangel87 Dec 5, 2007

Your Ouran High School Host Club to Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge recommendation was really nice!!!!  Keep up the great work!

1010rikku Dec 4, 2007

Hi lovepink! What a great profile!! I too have a passion for all things Japanese, not only anime *nods head* And if all goes well, I will be visiting there by next summer.

Maybe we can share interesting customs or bands :)

I just started watching Rozen Maiden too, watched the first 4 episodes. It's an intersting concept, we'll see what future episodes hold!!

sothis Dec 3, 2007

Ooo... a nicely filled out profile, and now good recs?! Very glad to have you aboard :D