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Hey my name is Jenn and 24yrs old. I was into anime since I was teen my first anime was: Sailor Moon, and then as grew older it was Saiyuki Reload. Then Saiyuki Series I starting getting more interested into anime then my manga books.

I have nothing to do at home, so since I do not work. Reason for that is because I have epilepsy, But I keep smiling everyday and live life to the fullest. Tell myself that their isn't anything wrong with me, I'm still normal. I can still do normal things. yet not the thing.. is drive and get far as hell away from NJ as possible. @_@I love playing pc games, it keeps me occupied usually and other games (downloadable kind)Well if you wish to get to know me more, please feel free chat with me. =)Jennie~♥

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Thanks! ^_^

Jan 12, 2011

^^ Thanks for the welcoming, and hello Tsukune Aono~ Cool Avatar Kisuke Urahara from Bleach. =)


CoolFlatTop avatar CoolFlatTop


Jan 12, 2011

Welcome Claudia. XD I'm Tsukune from DopeFlyff.

takaramono avatar takaramono


Jan 12, 2011

Welcome to Anime-Planet ! :3

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