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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

14 MAR

Very nice anime. By nice, I mean well done. Not easy to watch if you dislike tragedy. However, it paints things in a very positive light, not at all the post apocolyptic nightmare I was expecting. As realistic as it tries to be, though, I think it pales beyond the real thing. Still worth the watch, especially with current events as they are.

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WiLdKaT3196 avatar WiLdKaT3196
Mar 29, 2013

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is an anime to show.. survival and hope (in my opinion). As you can see the characters are trying to find their way back home. Hoping that their family or parents are still alive and that their home is still at the same spot as where they left it. I haven't watched it fully so I can't say if they got home safe or is their home ended up in ashes (because this anime just showed up here in philippines, meaning its new :/).

MOJ avatar MOJ
Mar 16, 2011

It is kind of freaky that the exact same thing happened in real Japan, only bigger (8.9 magnitude) followed by radiation leaks...prediction? Or just freak coincidence?

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