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Happy Marriage?!

Jun 20, 2013

This past month or so I’ve been in a serious smut kick. No, not H, but some decent smut. After plundering through so many mangas, I discovered that usually this genre comes with whiney girls who are raped and abused by the male protagonists, and somehow the women eventually fall in love with the men. I came across Hapi Mari, and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this work.

                The premise behind this story is essentially Chiwa (the main women) is forced to marry Hokuto (main man) so that his family will repay her father’s immense debts. This isn’t really a unique plot-line, but instead of having the man rape the woman on the first night, he actually respects her (to a certain extent). He makes an arrangement with her that they will never cheat on each other, and he will never rape her. I found that nice.

                Secondly, the characters actually have development! Chiwa sort of develops into a tool strictly for Hokuto’s use (not necessarily a strong point in a feminist POV), but she does maintain a semblance of independence. Hokuto develops a heart pretty much.

                Without giving out any spoilers, I will say that Hapi Mari was one of the best manga I’ve read in a while, and I’ll be thinking about Hokuto and Chiwa. 

8.5/10 story
9.5/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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