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hey! wats up? as you all know, I LOVE ANIME! :P ^-^ I like comedy, action, and romance. have any recommendations? despite my profile picture (whatever it is at the moment - i like to change it) i am a girl. love to meet ya!


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sabutaatti Dec 30, 2008

Hoi! o/

I'm wishing you happy new year! :D

sabutaatti Oct 4, 2008

Kekekeke...Well, it's good that you can always delete your own posts (there is little button end of the commentboxes). :)

Okay, now my half year (so called) "vacation" is ended - I got job \o/ Meanwhile I study I'm working too. Now I can do something else than watching animes ;P But I'm so happy that I got work \o/

What school subjects I'm taking. Math courses mostly, like statistic and "rise your math skills" (name was like that 'cause I'm not so good at math so this course was good to take part) and soon starts physics&chemistry course.

sabutaatti Sep 29, 2008

Have I ever felt that I got thousand things to do at  the same time? yeah, of course, let's say right now I feel that. But at least I got little "year off" (/half year I think) from school (let's say, I don't have so much lessons in this half year) so I have plenty of time to watch animes \o/.

I should keep some days off from anime and computer when I should do schoolstuff...durr...and read few exams which is going to be soon *sigh* >____>

sabutaatti Sep 29, 2008

My favourite artists, hmm. Let's list some of them: Machinae Supremacy, Disco Ensemble, Bullet for My Valentine, various anime op's & OSTs (which I won't list..that would be huuugee list xD), YUP, Korpiklaani...Yoko Kanno must mention. 403 (-Forbiddena-) is good too. But everything goes 'cause it depends what kind of mood I am.

Hoo, I have too played Kingdom Hearts gameserie :D And FinalFantasy's <3 lovelovelove. And my (okay, borrowed from friend) dancing pad is broken D: I haven't play about 3-4 months...*angst*...but just now I'm into Guitar Hero and Castlevania.

Currently watching? well, let's see let's see....I'ts like I'm waiting the new subtitles next series: Gintama, Daughter of Twenty Faces, Himitsu: the revelation, Dirty Pair, Future Police Urashiman, The Trapp Family Story, Black Jack, Ace wo Nerae.

.and often I watch 5-10 episodes of Kekkaishi----and then sometimes I watch one or two episodes here and there some random animes....While ago I watched PrincessPrincess serie..... I got too much to watch :'D and I should organisize my time to do something else than watching anime...guh.

sabutaatti Sep 27, 2008

"What's Finland like?" well, how could I descripe it when I haven't 'so much' traveled other countries that I could compare to them. Theres 4 seasons (autumn and the fall colors <3 ) and and and....eee....I can give you wikipedia link xD   how lazy....tsih. Oh yeah, about two years ago I was interrailing in the Europe whole month and when I got back to home my feelings was like  this:"Woods, forests! How I have been missing this! <3" (70-80% of the Finland's land area is forest). Some knowed American rockband (don't remember who but I hear this story from the radio) too got same thoughts when they got gig in the Finland "Where are you going to take us!? In the forests?"

Oh yeah, in Finland we start to learn English in the elementary school - at the 3rd year (age is about 9-10). And some exceptions (it depends where you start your school - country or the cities) you can start French or German in the elementary too but mostly we can choose those courses in the middle school.

Hoo, must to ask where do you live and how old? :D And my avatar is from Code Geass' opening - it's very good! o/ Oh yeah, I have already recommed to you watch it xD

Weekend! <3 I got few videogames in this week and now I got time to play them :D Ufufufufuu, no-life-weekend again x'D (Castlevania: Portrait of the Ruins and Resident Evil 4).