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Oct 19, 2013


If you are looking for something similar to Blood+ you will be disappointed. This anime, from what I can tell, takes place after Blood: The Last Vampire and 'reinvents' the story. If you go in to this thinking that it is going to be about Saya and her discovery of her origins and the complications it brings as she attempts to 'save humanity' and 'battle vampires' you will find this sadly lacking. I think most people did just that, especially after reading reviews and comments.

This anime's premise is not about 'fighting vampires' or even 'monsters' it explores the question 'who are you' and 'what makes you who you are'. The zoanoid fighting is incidental background fodder.  (I feel very strongly that whoever did the character design for the eaters of humans aka Elder Bairns watched all the Guyver series as often as I did, and could have also been influenced by pokemon as evidence by the presance of Geodude and Entay)

This anime also flat out states this is what it's about in the first minute of the first episode. I can’t understand how anyone could possibly miss this. We are given several clues as to the true nature of what is going on rittled throughout the episodes, at first I thought it was just lamp shading but I think some of the writers felt that maybe the audience needed this prompting - whether you keep track of these hints and oddities are up to you. I know as I watched I wanted certain characters to notice too.

On the surface we have a well adjusted and happy school girl who does her best to protect the town she lives in from nefarious forces. She has the support of her friends and the adults that surround her. There are times when I found it a bit odd and creepy how everyone cares so very much about her.

There is something that did disappoint me greatly, and if you read my blog it will be in there, I can’t really relate it here because it’s a spoiler – though if you watch the anime thoroughly you can see that it is completely intentional in more ways than one – this goes hand in hand with the fight scenes which I did not find enjoyable in the least. This is really sad considering how good the animation was.

Characters: I have read many instances where people have stated their disgust and frustration with them. They don't seem to have all that much depth and there doesn’t seem to be any particular need for them and they don’t seem to serve much of a purpose other than SLICE OF LIFE!! Look! Everything is normal!!!!! We see exactly what the writers want us to see - as if this anime is your average regular school kid by day, monster fighter at night type show.

Here Look SLICE OF LIFE - is done intentionally though not for reasons people consider obvious. The characters serve an important purpose, aside from providing a facade of normalcy. Since this is more of a psychological anime, their purpose is to create bonds with the main character and show a driving force. This does become repetitive in a certain way and it does get tedious - but it certainly serves an important purpose regarding the drive and then again as an explanation for a certain psychological mindset. You are supposed to get to know these people and understand that the main character feels affection and attachment for them. They are not supposed to be characters that are to be deeply explored or understood - they appear exactly as they are supposed to - as regular high school people.

Animation: I rather enjoyed all of it except for the glasses that don't fall off. Out of everything, I think that is one of the most UNREALISTIC things EVER ! (Only because I wear glasses myself)

Sound: the background music matched up, supported and depicted the scenes just as it was supposed to. It didn’t particularly jump out at any given time nor was it distracting.

Overall: If you pretend that Blood+ does not exist in the same dimensional worm hole of subspace - this is an enjoyable anime. The characters have good bonds, whether some are annoying or not. I like how nothing and no one is exactly as it seems. Because of that and the overwhelming onslaught of hints you get through out each episode that you are being hoodwinked, deceived and misdirected made it one of the more interesting premises for a story I have seen.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
8/10 overall

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