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Blood-C Thoughts while watching ep 11&12

18 OCT


Revelations part one

Why are the twins standing in front of her?

Its good that Im not the only one frustrated with saya

I wonder what kisaragi means?

Oh – to change one’s robes

Ah the Tokizane the crush boy

Awww, I totally forgot about this part, its so sad

But why elder bairn blood?

Oh now she is remembering the movie

The life you have lived or inhuman strength?

Apparently the elder bairns are irrelevant


So she did want to see the real thing out of myth

The meaning of the word shrovetied or what not


Everyone seems to be afraid of fumi

I guess they should be since he controls the elders

Hmmm in blood + didn’t she feed on humans too?

So is this thing about feeding on her own kind a new invention of blood C ?

I liked the creature things when they were more batlike looking I don’t really want to see zoanoids outside of guyver

Oh seriously, these are the most ridiculous looking creatures ever…

I don’t remember this episode at all, hu… good thing Imm watching it now

Sooo this saya wants to kill humans instead of her own kind? Or is that just something that fumi came up with out of his ass

With the way this ended, it could have had a season two… if people liked it enough –which obviously they did not

Ok, now the beginning of the movie makes a bit more sense except for that guy who has that very CONSPICIOUS car who is try to do supervise shit – that is just stupid.

ok, most everything was answered to my satisfaction and I have no real complaints - even sayas sluggish reaction time, she was drugged.

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