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Blood-C Thoughts while watching ep 8

18 OCT

spoilers are more than likely


Something you would only yell at your cat

Awww pretty Saya soaked in blood talking to her crush

“What’s going on, is that your blood.” Tokizome

Did you seriously miss that whole fight? Do you not see that large dead creature?

Do all Japanese people carry handkerchiefs?

And the beauty and the beast song kiss the girl pops in my mind

It’s important that I tell you saya ate breakfast…. VERY

I think he was implying something when he asked her father if he was there for something else besides coffee

Im so expecting tokizome to be brutally murdered right now

Why is she making a distinction between and elder bairn and a monster?

Aren’t they?

He puts his hand on her head which should be innocent and sweet but then I think of Darker than Black… HEI ! keep your hands to yourself !

Inu hanashimas

And it doesn’t seem to be having a very positive effect on her

An experiment for a winner and loser. Reward, and punishment for a looser? And the punishment should be a fate worse than death?

I can’t carry you in this form…. Who is this guy and why can he transform like that

Dad doesn’t seem to be happy that Saya is going to school

Maybe I should re watch the movie?

How does that zoanoid balance so well?

Why is saya just standing there at the window instead of busting her ass and fighting it?

Two people down and saya hasn’t done anything yet

It takes the TIME TO EAT someone and saya hasn’t moved yet ok now Im getting annoyed as fuck at saya


So there is this really cool bonding moment between her tokizame that only he seemed to notice was going on. I’m wondering about Saya’s slow reaction time – it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and its good that this was ep 8 cause if I have to put up with that kind of thing too much longer I would stop watching the show.

by this time it should be apparent that there is an assload under the surface that we do not know about - four more eps and we will know.

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