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27 years old, living in Northern California,decieded to go back to school when an unfortunate event for my grandmother led to an opportunity for me to do so. I consider myself immature in some aspects of my life, but it is probably better to say I feel like I'm 17 not 27 :p. Being an old fart in college, is easier than I thought it would be, and pretty fun -- don't know why I avoided it for so long. Pursuing the Network Administration angle in CIS right now, a little disenchanted with it but it's one of the things I'm good at.

I enjoy anime, manga on occassion, videogames, music and am learning to play guitar (want to play some bebop tunes, very geek of me), and yeah a computer geek too. No particular genres of anything, just whatever feels good to me.

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sothis Dec 25, 2007

Just wanted to say your first recs are great. I hope to see more from you someday! PS: where's your bio and top 5? XD