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Hey you! Let's be honest odds are you're going to stop reading this like it's a cake (assuming the cake has a short message) but if you are reading it must have been some cake that had an exceptional... I'm getting off track.  Anyways to be original in the way I display who I iz I will give you random facts about myself which hopefully explain enough.  Yay!

1) I have an inability to speak to people for prolonged periods of time.

2) When a situation becomes awkward I either talk about random/inappropriate things or shut the hell up.

3) This one time I danced for a video.

4) My attention span is... hey look there's a spider!  That really wasn't a joke as there really is a spider on my desk... *squish*

5) Duracell batteries are far superrior to Energizer!

6) Icky things are icky.

7) This one time in high school I yelled and everyone looked at me (not because I yelled but because they never heard me speak before).

8) 90% of the time I don't speak and 10% of the time you don't know what I'm speaking about.  Pandas.

9) If you can endure horrid amounts of randomness then I dare you to talk to me! Double dare?  I remember watching that show, those suckers didn't know what to do half the time.  I wanted to drop kick them, oh wait!  Talk to meh or else the bunny gets it!

10) I'm atheist.

11) I haven't counted this high in a while.

12) Daydreaming is my hobby, but people don't like it when you daydream when they're talking to you (so only do it when there requires minimal responses).

13) I think thirteen is enough for you to get the general idea.  Oh, I'm not a serial killer but they fascinate me.

Nippa!  I mean bai bai!

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highfyrebright avatar highfyrebright


Apr 24, 2011

Your sesquipedalian loquaciousness is a welcome refreshment. As for that pair, I don't think it's quite appropriate to match them up. While both are gunslingers of high calibre (sorry for the pun), Vash's incredible exploits are done handicapped. Rushuna from Grenadier is a popular choice against Vash- she's basically his gender-flipped expy.


Now- Revy vs Canaan..


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