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Cat Shit One

Oct 18, 2012

The name "cat shit one" is there only to attract attention... in other words, the anime is an attention whore. Naw I'm kidding, the title isn't misleading, because the anime takes a shit on over 1.000.000 people killed in the middle east... it's just japanese-style propaganda to justify american invaders, it even portrays them as being righteous. It's "shit" like this that hides the truth, how many of you know that americans cause cancer in the middle east because they use radioactive bullets? How many of you know that one of the Nazi generals a.k.a. Desert Fox, preferred to take thousands and thousands of american prisoners instead of trying to kill them? That's right, the Nazi were more merciful than these little "cute" rabbits. The only braincell active during the making of this anime was the one that said "hey, usagi means rabbit in japanese... let's make U.S.A. troops into rabbits!". This kind of propaganda should be illegal, and this is coming from a freedom-of-speech extremist promoter.

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while I agree with the information you provided, I don't think this was intended as propaganda; alternatively, if it is, it gave me in no way any suggestion of the situation in the middle east as this is an anime, not something proclaiming itself as any kind of reality

ffs you retard