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Training with Hinako

This site is for "anime" not "hentai".

But if you enjoyed this anime, I want to suggest to you "redtube" or "pornhub", I heard they have great "anime" just like this one.

?/10 story
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llVIU says...

itt: softporn is soooooooooo much different than hardcore porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111one

Totally missed the point here. Just like what "fan service" and "hentai" mean, which have been taken out of definition and given random meanings.

 Yeah I could use more precise terms and also use some other less used words, but no one's as smart as you, so please forgive the rest of the planet for being so ignorant compared to your endless knowledge 

Dec 12, 2012
Mozuri says...

You're confusing fan service for hentai. With that said, Hentai has better plot than this crap!

Dec 2, 2012
dgmikep says...

Hentai? Where? The ova was short so you can point to us the sex scene? The scene that make this a hentai?

Oct 20, 2012