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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Oct 17, 2012

There are basically 2 ways you can view this anime, as a sort of one-shot of just one episode, or watch the rest of the episodes.

The first episode is pretty good, a strange girl and a strange boy meet, apparently they're both cold hearted, but they show their "romantic" (overstatement) side only to each other, ending nicely with a kiss.

After the first episode you'll think this is a mediocre slice-of-life anime with hardly anything new or interesting (other than trying to make a copy of an imitation of a cheap sort of randomness here and there which boils down to worthless attempts at humor)... but that's because it is.

The reason I say that you can view it as watching the first episode and ending it there, is because by the second episode it sort of turns the tables for no apparent reason, somewhat from "boy likes girl" to "girl likes boy" simply because of the whim that "ALL ANIMES MUST HAVE OVERLY SHY PEOPLE, EVERYONE MUST BE SHY, SHY, SHY, ARGHHHHH", but the real sh**storm is in the 3rd episode...

girl: I love you, boy

boy: I love you, girl

girl: no, it can't work out 

WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? I'm staring at the screen, and I can barely comprehend this, it looks like some sort of female logic nightmare (taken to the extreme then put in a blender), out of all the hundreds of love stories I've seen, this has to be by far the most stupid logic I have ever seen... it's like a sort of interesting, but not in the good way... you watch it and figure it out for yourself, because I have no words to describe this... something about guy wanting to put his junk in her and her wanting to be romantic. Oh no, boy and girl, this is unique only to you two, no one else on the planet has ever been in this situation, except uhm... everyone.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall

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AshlieYagami Dec 18, 2012

I really loved how you put this together and I couldnt agree with you more! You took the words right out of my mouth. I am continuing to watch it, hoping that their is going to be SOME SORT OF A CHANGE, so far.. Nothing. Its way too repetitive.

kio3459 Nov 7, 2012

my problem with the anime is that the rommance happened too fast... You're right.. Its going to be one of those stories where the rommance is back and forth (then again from my personal experience love tends to be like that.. when you like the girl shes not interested, and vice versa).  Either way.. Its looks more like an average rom-com anime. 

I take this kind of anime as my filler anime until i find something I really like/enjoy.  I also didnt like how Haru is incredibly smart (hes a genius)... I would have prefered if he were more normal in that aspect.  Im exremely surprised that this anime is ranked so highly.  I give this anime a 3/5 for now.. At ths point I like Chizuru, shy girl with glasses more.