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Nov 4, 2010

          This anime is about a boy and a girl, simple enough, right? Wrong! Ok, I left out a few characters. Ok,what this anime is really about is a girl who has a bad temper, and a calm hosewife type guy with scary eyes. Due to some unfortunet events, they end up becoming best friends, knowing each other better than anyone else, what better thing to learn about each other than the person that they like! Ryuuji and Taiga are like opposites, Ryuuji likes Taiga's best friend, and Taiga likes Ryuuji's best friend. While they are together, it turns out that they life right next to each other too! the way thing worked out for them, walking to school together, Ryuuji having to take care of the childish and messy Taiga, and always being together starts to give off the wrong impession to the people around them including there best friends!

           I gave this anime a 9.5 overall because at times it could be very confusing, especially at the end! Then again at times it would make me feel good,or sad,or make me want to puch the screen of my laptop out! Just about evey anime I watch, I can relate to or it will make me feel a certain way about my life, but this anime really stood out and I really enjoyed every minute of it. I guess thats why I finished the whole series in three days!

9/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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