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Fruits Basket

Aug 29, 2010


    Fruits Basket is a story of a young girl named Tohru Honda,her mom died,so she was living with her grandfather.The house had to get renivations so she decided to live by herself in a tent.On her way to school she notices a house!Two men walk up,Shigure and Yuki Sohma,who goes to the same school as Tohru,also known as "prince Yuki".

    Later that day,the secret gets out that she lived in a tent on Sohma land,when they all go back to the Sohma's house,there was a landslide on Tohru's tent.When she had no place to stay after that,she suddenly found herself living with the Sohmas!

    The Sohmas have a family curse though,that could end up being a problem.Whenever they are put onder a great deal of stress or are hugged by the opposite gender they transform into one of the twelve zodiac animals.Tohru learns this secret,and is on a quest to save them from there family curse!


    I liked the animation in this anime more than any other anime I've seen.When the Sohmas turned into the different animals,they look so cute!!!I enjoy the way they all look,and I don't think they could've done a better job.


    The songs in this anime where so touching and appropriate for the situations.The voices really fit the characters and the emotions really showed through the voices.


    The characters really fit in this anime.I really hoped that the anime would introduce all 12 Zodiac animals though.I think the characters really made this anime fit together.I think there diverse attitudes really made this anime fun and cute.


    This is the first anime and manga I've read,and my favorite series.I liked the story the most.This anime is creative and i hope to see more anime like this.I enjoy every minute I watch or read Fruits Basket.I hope you do too!

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
10/10 overall
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