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    If you are planning on watching this, do yourself a favor and don't. You can tell there is way too much fanservice from the first 30 seconds, in the opening. It's the most obnoxious amount of fanservice i have ever seen. The guy main characters nose looks like a pencil, and that bothers me. His boss has a peeing-your-pants fetish. Okay.

   OON the other hand, the plot isn't the worst i've ever seen. If you can try to ignore the immense amount of fanservice, it would be a half-decent anime. It has potential, but the creators couldn't see it through all that tight clothing those girls wear.

   Rant, rant, rant. Watch it if you want an anime with only a small plot and a ton of girls flying around in the most uncomfortable-looking clothing i've ever seen. Kbye

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