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Recommended, love it :)

30 AUG

Sooo, I became a member a few days ago, and MAAAAN I like it :)

As you may have suspected (hehe),  I ADORE kaichou wa maid-sama, I love it, favourite anime, DOT!!!

In te recommendations, there was one anime, called special A, and it caught my eye...

Well... seems like I watched 5 episodes while it was 1 o'clock (AM), and I was kinda tired the next day.

But I loved it. It had that kaichou wa maid-sama teasing-feel, tsundere girl, hard-working, don't-wanna-lose-to-him-who-I-actually-kinda-like-feel, etc... while still being a totally different anime. That's what dragged me into it (and Kei, MAAAAAN he's handsome ♥♥♥ *drools*).

Aniways, seems like joining this place is actually a very good thing ;)

Sayonara ^_^


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