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this series had me laughing so much.Although don't show this to people if they don't understand homosexuality jokes,or they won't think it's funny

story:there is really no plot to OHSHC,but it had me laughing so hard that i no longer cared for the plot! but it was a unique making a fancy school of rich teens and a crossdressing transfer student,a girl,being forced to join a group of flirting boys.

animtion:the use of roses and emotion symbols were very nice.The eyes had TONS of detail,and i appreciate the effort put into this short 26-episode series.

sound:the backround music matched the backround very well,whenever it was a scene packed with chaos, a scene explaining Haruhi's lonely past,or one of Honey-Senpai's many cake fests.The theme song is also is stuck in my head.

charecters:this is why OHSHC deserves a good rating.Each one of the charecters has a different personallity type(ie:Takami=prince,Honey=boy lolita,Kyoya=cool,Hikaru+Kaoru=little devil,Mori=wild,and Haruhi=natural).Renge is the ONLY  otaku in the entire series.And the twins are the only people in the series that are homosexual.



7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.2/10 overall
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