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Sailor Moon

26 MAY

One word for this shoujo series: SUCKY.

Plot: i'm pretty sure there are a ton of magical girl animes(im not even sure if iv'e seen all of them),but the idea of Sailor Moon was pretty unique(girls from planets,NICE idea!) but it was ruined due to the amount of  fight scences(it's ethier a tiara or wand, and you ALWAYS expect Tuxedo Mask to throw a rose and save Usagi!YAWN!).Also,the enemy is ALWAYS someone from the Negaverse,draining the life out of a random adolecent or child.

animation:everything looks more flat,and almost looks like it has no dimension!

sound:the sound affects were pretty pathetic,but the theme song was fine.

Charecters:all of the senshi girls are sterotypical teenage girls! there is just about no charecter difference,but the fact they have only slightly differentt clothing andnpowers.Everyone is also GOOD or BAD.The main protoganist is not put in the middle of everything,unlike Fullmetal Alchemsit.

trust me,if you want a good magical girl anime,watch Card Captor Sakura instead,because Sakura Kinomoto can kick Sailor Moon's dumb *ss!!he plot almost won it for me though.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 5/10
  • Animation 2/10
  • Sound 4/10
  • Characters 3/10
  • Overall 2/10


iamnikki avatar iamnikki
May 24, 2013

I suppose I sort of agree with you, but the anime gets better after a while. You can't just base your opinion on the first 7 episodes, because I have to admit, they were indeed a bit boring.

default avatar lucid76092
Jul 10, 2012

A little harsh, but OP does bring up some good points. 

The characters are hilarious in my opinion, but the battles are quite boring and repitive. I would recommend giving it a shot though. In my opinion, it's a decent anime for year 2000. 

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