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I'm a 16 year old Swedish girl who was born in Japan. My father is japanese, and my mom is finnish. Unfortunately my parents got divorced when i was little so me, my mom and my little sister moved to Sweden when I was 5 years old, I eventually forgot all the japanese when I started learning swedish, but I will soon start taking classes, so I can learn it again!

I like to play games on my free time, games like LoL, Cs or storytelling games like the walking dead. I also play piano and some guitar. I recently started watching anime, and from what i've seen so far, i'm absolutely in love with the artstyle and the fantastically creative stories.

My favorite animes atm is probably Death Note and Mirai Nikki. I love how we get to follow light and L's brilliant mind and thoughts, and the tense storyline in death note. And I love the combination of different elements in Mirai Nikki; the romance, thriller, gore and blood, madness, some comedy and a lot of cuteness and innocence in some of the characters and in the style. I also love how Yuno can go from super kawaii and friendly to a batshit crazy murder machine, I absolutely adore her! ^^

If you got any good animes to recommend that is similar to them, feel free to comment! Send a friend request if you want, and don't be shy to talk to me! ^^

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cronus7 says...

Yeah, I could see that. Sometimes small hands can work better on guitar, but it just depends.

I play a lot of bass... so... no small hands there.

Sorry for MY late reply, I've been in houston for a while.

Jul 13, 2014
Norgey says...

oh wow i've heard of some of those people, but i mainly watch documentaries on youtube or educational channels. or medical videos or inspiring ones. ooorrr raccoons and cats and birds. o.o i dont usually watch any real people besides john green and jake and amir and rhett and link ooh and graveyardgirl

Jul 11, 2014
cronus7 says...

Saw you on Linen's page

*I also play piano and some guitar*

Huh... It's the opposite for me... I spend all my free time playing guitar, and only play some piano.

Of course, I typically play things that would be harder for a piano to accurately reproduce. lol, sorry... thats a nerdy guitar joke.

Since you tickle Ivory, do ya like Glenn Gould? I think his work on some of bach's fugues were great.

*Norg is linen, btw*

Jun 24, 2014
Norgey says...

oh the good ol woods ^-^ i love camping so ive been in your shoes. ed sheeran why sure i love his music! and yeah i love youtube... i don't really watch any youtubers. I subscribe to a few channels like john green and college humor but can you specify what you mean? 

Jun 24, 2014
Norgey says...

ohhh yes dark sides!!! people at school thought i was witch q.q because i was scary, but people who know me think i couldn't hurt a fly. oh i will put some links i guess (little green cars) (robots dont sleep) (broken bells) (gene pitney lol an oldy) (ray lamontagne) 

umm by no means do you have to listen to all of them its just a random bunch of songs i like XD just some selection 

Jun 20, 2014