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Exams are over yay!! ... but im still hungry... >.>...

at least i have an av pic now... but its temporary until i find my lilpaws one.. somewhere...

i dont really know what im supposed to put here. I'm a student chiropractor. I like drawing in my free time.. or at least attempt to draw ;) and ummm.. my favourite food is .... well i like sushi and mango pudding and pocky and lasange and tim tams and pho and sweet corn soup... and bbq pork buns. and.. I LOVE TEA!

ummm.... i have a new phone!!! which is exciting! cause its only the second phone ive had... so its my first update! woo! it can read out my messages to me.. which always proves entertaining hehe.. and my phone ring is.... the ouran high school host club theme song!! >.>...

the first anime i watched was dragonball z... wait no i lie.. it was ninja robots but i didnt like it.. so i didnt really watch it i guess.. so yeah.. dbz was the first one i really watched.

so yeah.. my bio.. if ive skipped anything let me know in my comments and ill add it in ;) (should i be adding stuff like my star sign and my blood type? =P)

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nynx says...



Things are good havent been on here in AGES!! lol How've you been? hows uni and all that?

Jun 17, 2009
twistedreality says...

this me dont use this to gage til i get it alls et up lol its a work in progress

May 29, 2009
horrorpunk187 says...

muhahahi iwll catch up

Jul 1, 2008
horrorpunk187 says...

Attempt my foot!!!!!! You are great love ya drawings don't sell ya self short

Feb 17, 2008
horrorpunk187 says...

pshhh yea yea i will catch up lol you got a head start

Nov 3, 2007