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Mirai Nikki TV

Apr 27, 2012

STORY: with out giving anything away the story is good. It is very intriguing and makes you want to watch more.The premise is 12 people have been thrown into a survival gameto become god and their only advantage(debatable for some characters) are cell phone diaries that tell a particular future.A lot of "oh shit" moments followed by "wait, wtf??" situations occur and i guess thats why i kept watching. But where that much ends thats where character developement is supposed to pull you in more and you can see my comments below on why i believe this show came up short.

ANIMATION: I liked the artist and the way this show was drawn each character's personality was shown in how they looked even the ones who shocked me with the "you look soo cute and innocent" but ended up being complete psycho were portrayed in a way that made this psychological thriller come to life. The animation is why this show isnt a horror but truely psychological because though you saw violence and murders and people got stabbed it wasnt gory {like Another, the When They Cry series or Umineko no Naku Koro ni}

SOUND: the opening and ending credits arent really that memorable and neither is background music in the episodes

CHARACTERS: OK this is where it all goes down!!!! OH the characters well the main character is a whiney indecisive punk {insert other p word} and is matched up with who i will say is the most developed chracter in the enitire series his female conterpart who is the most psychotic pink haired girl ive ever seen. she honestly make the show worth it the other participents i reall wish were developed more because they seem really interestng but either their stories were rushed through or not clearly mentioned so the motives and actions from them were a little off  which left me with the feeling "the f--- were they even there for?" then there were a couple times where there was a personaity change tht made no sense and wasnt explained and i was left with a confunsed O_o face

OVERALL:  I gave it a 7 out of 10 because the show was very entertaining it kept me watching all the way til the end i would definitly recommend this show to anyone and would love to discuss it with others{feel free to message me lol}

9/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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coolyfooly Apr 29, 2012

The show was ok, it started off great.  At first I thought it was gonna be one of those mindless kill this person kill that person, hey the whole shows about who's gonna die next with the story passed out with a bottle of 50 in the corner.

But it took a better route, this was all story.  And it progressed mixing mystery with some sick comedy, and very disturbing characters, and by that I mean the girl.

It could of taken off but then they had to do the round about. Much like that other anime ruined by countless redo's saying I don't believe in witches.  It also didn't help that the ending was idiotic. They went through all that bullshit, and they didn't even give it the ending that should of been there.  What a let down. A 6. And feel that's extrordinarily generous.

roriconfan Apr 28, 2012

Each episode had around 4 continuity and directing mistakes and the story made no sense. It is just brainless entertainment that tries to pass for mature and smart.