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Hyelllooo!! My name is Alyssa, but my friends and family call me Lil. I like to paint, play soccer, snowboard, play video games, and of course my secret anime :)

I LOVEEE ROMANCE ANIME! But it isnt the only genre I watch.

Im not big on manga but im trying to start.

Ive been really loving korean dramas lately, especially romance <3

Only my best friends know I watch it, and yes I get made fun of about it by them, but hey, they still love me <3 not to offend anyone, but I keep it on the down low from my other friends.

My first anime (beside Pokemon and Sailor Moon) was Fruits Basket. I will admit I always thought anime was weird but last year I saw  Fruits Basket on Netflix and had an urge to watch I basically watch anime every free chance I get (My grades have dropped and I get no sleep) hahaha.......i have no life....

LOVE THEM                                       <3     


 LOVE these couples <3 <3 <3


My Favesss (not in any order):

 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Special A

Itazura Na Kiss


Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

Angel Beats!


Pokemon (Its my childhood)


If you also like these leave me suggestions!



 Hahah his face ^

                 MOVIES I LOVE THAT ARE NOT ANIME:                

Transformers (all of em)

Waynes World

The Avengers

Dumb and Dumber


Nacho Libre



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blackfire says...

haha nice! I'm watching the AMA's now its pretty dumb and I can barly stomach it but I got to watch for my boys. Luke Bryan just won, I think you said you liked him? I know you like country. Well yeah I do want an SLR camera and they can be super expensive. Like the one I want is over $1000 plus lenses are hundreds of dollars. So yeah Im not getting my dream camera for a while. But I think I can get a PS3 soon. I dont really want a PS4 bc there's nothing that new about it and it just makes the 3 cheaper. I could buy one now I have the money I just dont want to spend it haha. I need to save for Katsucon!

Oh and I feel the need to now go check out fairy tail if its that good!

Nov 24, 2013
blackfire says...

haha Yeah shes pretty into it but I really think by tomorrow she will be a goner. Im excited myself to go and rewatch OHHC again! omg it litteraly has been my 5th time rewatching I think. This is by far the most times i have ever rewatched any show, spongebob doesnt count lol. But I really want to rewatch FMA!

Im soooo jelous that you got to go see Catching Fire! I couldnt go yesterday with my friends bc I cant believe I spent 8 hours of my life watching 5 idiots. But yeah Im planning to go this week, Im so busy I cant even fit a movie in this is rediculous! Im so booked with things to do Im squezzing it all in and still havent even had the time to go shopping and have no clue when I can. Plus my dad's car just died and now my parents have to get a new one but they are horrible at making decitions so they will take forver to choose wht they want and it will be next year by the time they make up their mind! and bc of this my mom is like I do not have any money I have to go buy a car. SO I cant get like anything, who knows if I will ever go shopping and my dreams of a camera and PS3 are gone. Well sorry for tht little rant but it feels good to complain sometimes thanks:)

Nov 24, 2013
blackfire says...

Yeah school isnt too bad its when you have work it turns evil! Well I made her a list and she actually wanted more romance and stuff after she just got done saying she liked action. Well of course I just sat there and fangirled and told her how much she should watch Skip Beat! Today she was like im going over my boyfriends house (who watches anime and helped with getting her to start) what should I watched? I kinda want to watch some of the ones you stared. So I was like "he is not going to want to watch them, its more of a girl thing." She was like haha I dont care he got me into it too so hes just going to deal with something I want to watch! So i hope she comes in tomorrow and we can fangirl about Skip Beat! And monday is the moment it all comes together and she will be hooked when we watch OHHC, the death of us all.

Nov 21, 2013
blackfire says...

haha thanks! Yeah she acutally wants some action but its the only thing she has really scene you know. Shes already in love with the main character and Im just like OMG how are you going to be able to handle everything else and everyone else this is just the begininng! She said shes going to watch angle beats tonight and Im going to go over her house next monday and we are going to have a OHHC marathon! I can not even imagine her reaction, plus we can fangirl about Tomaki bc who couldnt love him! Im very excited about it and she has just completely ruined her life and she will never see the light of day again hahaha this is what anime does to you. She has no clue wht she got herself into but I find this so entertaining hahaha

Nov 18, 2013
blackfire says...

Haha right now Im in gym but I was soo rushed this morning so I had no time running on 3 hours of sleep. So I dont have any gym clothes so I'm sitting in the rejects room. Usually I can just go to the photography room but the teacher was absent so I'm here. It's not to bad I'm listening to Somme new songs bc the album was leaked early so I'm happy. I'm just worried about my battery.

on even better terms, I come in this morning and my best friend at school tells me she watched 10 episodes sward art online aka an anime. I have been trying to get her to watch anything for years! And she loved it and is completely fangirling! So we are about to go crazy with fan girling and I have so much to show her!!! I told her she should watch FMA like now! Anything particularly I should tell her to watch? I mean you will probably think of the same things as me bc we have the same taste 

Nov 18, 2013