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blackfire Dec 1, 2013

haha yeah I watched like barly one episode of tht but I was like no its to long. I like more movies then dramas but there are some good ones out there. There are alot of korean and japanesse dramas for anime shows that are live but I never watch them bc usally there really dumb and just bad acting but i dont think those kind of shows get a big buget just like some cheap tv show here in america. But if you find a good drama i want to check it out. its soo annyoing bc im trying to watch more of the show brothers conflict but funimation just keeps crashing and most of the links are slow its taking so long to watch one episode. But for some reason Im really likeing the show! I think its just bc I can relate to the main character. Shes an only child and now her dad remarryed and she has 13 brothers and they all move in together. Im an only child too and I've always wanted a big family as long as we had plenty of money. It would suck to have to share everything. I like being an only child sometimes, it has benifits and my friends always say im lucky, they love comeing over to get away from their siblings. But I would love to know how it feels like to live with a bunch of brothers, it could be alot of fun.

blackfire Dec 1, 2013

hudcuvdubvdshunkwaiscjivdcnhacsnvc omgomgomgomg I've watched so many korean dramas its not funny! Its sad but i do love them. I went on this whole phase where I just wanted to watch korean movies. but then I watched so many of like the same romances that all have like the same exact story line I kinada took a break plus theres only so many movies to watch I was running out, but now I really want to watch korean movies now!!! its sad bc I cant even remember like any of the names of the movies I watched but I remember my little bride i think? But I liked tht one too. oh man now I need to watch a movie before I go to bed.

I actually havent watched anymore fairytail since my last message but then I started watching this new show called brothers conflict. I only got to watch one episode but its new and interesting. I can easyly watch it all tomorrow its only 12 episodes. I never get any watching in, like right now Im on skype talking with my friends and before I had to go out to my moms friends house bc she said she would pay me to vaccum her house. So I'll do any small job like tht to save up and thats what Ive been doing. I have $260 saved now and around $30 saved for spending money so far. So I think ive done pretty good with no job.

blackfire Dec 1, 2013

Well now im episode 18 and I'm just going to continue to watch this for today. Im so happy I got some new boots yesterday! oh I love shopping! and I got white lights and im in the process of hanging them all over my room. I have them stringed all over my bed and it has inspired me to switch up my room a bit. So I spent friday night doing that. My closet is now so organized! I also have this sick idea for a book shelf I want to build that would showcase my growing manga collection and some other books.

talking about books, I saw the hungergames thursday! It was soooo good! I loved it! Im so glad I finally got to see it. I thought it was better then the first movie. But after watching it, even during it I saw quite a few key things they left out! Like they never touched on district 13 untill the absoute end! they said it once during the movie and then boom at the end they said they were going there! I loved in the books that they were figureing out that it still exsisted and the story about it. I think they will tell the story of district 13 in the next movie but still they could have built it up more! Well now I want to reread the book bc it was that amazing.

blackfire Nov 27, 2013

WHHOOHHH! 4 days off and sleeping in! When I got home today, after eating and watching an episode of fairy tail I feel asleep for 4 hours. Now i can stay up really late and sleep in till noon:D I'm going to continue fairy tail for awhile I do like it and I find it soo funny at times. I just feel at times it can be boaring bc fighting scenes tend to boar me quickly now. Its like ok you fight the good guys win end of story. But the voice acting isnt that cheesey and makes it more bareable. Bc they are acters I love I want to watch it more. so far I really like the guy with the blue hair that takes off his clothes haha he cracks me up! And I love the main character with pink hair who is Todd, I just hate his one outfit, I just find it so ugly and doesnt suit him. Well its marathon time! Wow I just relized its almost midnight...I hope I can stay up late:)

blackfire Nov 26, 2013

yeah tomorrow is like a joke for me too. In photography we never do anything and theres been subs like every other day for 3 weeks now. Then theres gym were I get to sit and talk to one of my best friends all block bc no self defence till the heater is fixed. Then history where we just had a test so we cant be doing anything. and Chem were we never do a single thing the whole class is literally a joke. Plus I have a project due that I did not due and had no desire to do today. I dont even care anymore haha its a half day and a 4 day weekend! I just have to get out of bed and ill be good.

I just watched episode 2 of fairy tail and loved it even more! When she walks into the guild and meets all the people I was like I know you all! I mean what kind of fighting show isnt good with out Chris Sabat? And theres a guy named  LOKI!!! I dont think I can handle tht he needs a different name! if it isnt Tom Hiddleston voiceing him in proper british talk then I dont want to hear it. But it reminds me alot of one peice but better and newer and a bit like SAO but with out being in a video game. I hope i keep loving it but i do see myself getting board of it in the future so I dont know how many episodes I really will get up to.