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Hyelllooo!! My name is Alyssa, but my friends and family call me Lil. I like to paint, play soccer, snowboard, play video games, and of course my secret anime :)

I LOVEEE ROMANCE ANIME! But it isnt the only genre I watch.

Im not big on manga but im trying to start.

Ive been really loving korean dramas lately, especially romance <3

Only my best friends know I watch it, and yes I get made fun of about it by them, but hey, they still love me <3 not to offend anyone, but I keep it on the down low from my other friends.

My first anime (beside Pokemon and Sailor Moon) was Fruits Basket. I will admit I always thought anime was weird but last year I saw  Fruits Basket on Netflix and had an urge to watch I basically watch anime every free chance I get (My grades have dropped and I get no sleep) hahaha.......i have no life....

LOVE THEM                                       <3     


 LOVE these couples <3 <3 <3


My Favesss (not in any order):

 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Special A

Itazura Na Kiss


Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

Angel Beats!


Pokemon (Its my childhood)


If you also like these leave me suggestions!



 Hahah his face ^

                 MOVIES I LOVE THAT ARE NOT ANIME:                

Transformers (all of em)

Waynes World

The Avengers

Dumb and Dumber


Nacho Libre



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blackfire says...

Heyyyy! OMG THERES SNOWW HERE!!!!! i mean we knew we were possibly going to get snow and mainly all rain and i was just really hopeing we would get some snow flakes but it snowed!!! within like 3 hours it snowed soo much by 3 so hard there was like 3 inches! And its the beginning of Dec and it stuck imediately! this never happens! like we might get snow 2ce a year and sometimes not even one good storm a year. but im glad we got snow and i went over to my friends house and we walking into the woods by her house bc they have great hills. and on my first sled ride down in the whole year I smashed my hand on an unseen tree stump! ugh I was in soo much pain. I think i fractured it bc it would be even worse if it was broken but still hours later my hand really hurts and is swollen. My dad said I dont have to go to school tomorrow! mainly bc he doesnt want to go to the ER and he hates my doctors bc they make us wait hours to get in. so he's suckering my mom into taking me during the day haha well i dont care i dont have to go to school thanks to my careing dad. oh plus its my right hand so I cant even write or pick anything up with it. yay no gym for the rest of my gym days!

well on another note, I dont think I really had a favorite brother. I mean I liked alot of them but the age difference is a small factor when shes in high school and a 28 year old is makeing some moves on her. did you have a favorite?

Im exicted to watch korean movies all day tomorrow and be injured at home:) I find this very funny bc this always happens to me I always get hurt, ecpecally sledding every time. One year I smashed right into a brick building head on while sledding in the dark. I was going sooo fast bc it turned to ice and from above the huge hill my friends dad thought I died or something. I wasnt moving and all I manage to hear is Julia yelling wheres Jen? and her dad running as fast as he can down the hill toawrds me screaming I killed Jen I killed Jen! He said it looked so funny from on top of the hill, it looked like I smashed so hard off the wall and I was dead! haha I wish he got that on video! As Im typing this I just got the phone call for delayed opening! I would be happier if I was going but all my friends started freaking out haha. hmmm what movie should I watch now?

Dec 8, 2013
blackfire says...

I sent a message this morning before class started bc we have like 20 mins but then it deleted it! It wiped the whole thing and I was like I dont feel like typing that all over again. But basicly I said I liked it alot bc there's a ton of hot guys, well I think I cant even remember. well what ever I crave cupcakes. I was going to make them but we didnt have any cupcake paper things! ugh I want cupcakes!

Anyway so I finished that one movie and it was ok, I dont really suggest it. Then I watched this other movie, oooo it was so sad! almost the whole thing was just so sad but I didnt know it when I clicked on it. But you found that out in the begining, but I watched it anyway and now im sad. It was called more than blue. Its a nice love story and a pretty wonderful movie when I think about it but I cant handle sad like that. It effects me and ill be depressed now bc ill be thinking about it. so now I need to find a really awesome romantic comedy! Like 100 days with Mr.Arrogant, thats a really good movie you should watch it if you havent. 

Dec 4, 2013
blackfire says...

haha yeah I watched it in 2 days and I liked it, mainly bc there's a ton of cute guys. I'm horrible bc if i were her I would probally fall for them. It started getting chessy towards the end, but they set it up for another season.

right now I'm eating some late night chinesse food and I was like what to watch? so I had to watch a korean movie. So Im watching my tutor friend 2. Im only 20 mins in and not liking it so much. I watched the first one ages ago and loved it, but never the 2 bc people said it wasnt as good. but it was on you tube so I was like why not? I will have to get back to you about suggesting it. ugh Im being forced to take my shower now and my moms all like you have to make it to school on time tomorrow! I've been late for the past few weeks aha I mean I dont want to move in the morning so I miss the bus and this morning was a pretty bad morning and i was late to school. If im late to many times I lose credit.

Dec 3, 2013
blackfire says...

haha yeah I watched like barly one episode of tht but I was like no its to long. I like more movies then dramas but there are some good ones out there. There are alot of korean and japanesse dramas for anime shows that are live but I never watch them bc usally there really dumb and just bad acting but i dont think those kind of shows get a big buget just like some cheap tv show here in america. But if you find a good drama i want to check it out. its soo annyoing bc im trying to watch more of the show brothers conflict but funimation just keeps crashing and most of the links are slow its taking so long to watch one episode. But for some reason Im really likeing the show! I think its just bc I can relate to the main character. Shes an only child and now her dad remarryed and she has 13 brothers and they all move in together. Im an only child too and I've always wanted a big family as long as we had plenty of money. It would suck to have to share everything. I like being an only child sometimes, it has benifits and my friends always say im lucky, they love comeing over to get away from their siblings. But I would love to know how it feels like to live with a bunch of brothers, it could be alot of fun.

Dec 1, 2013
blackfire says...

hudcuvdubvdshunkwaiscjivdcnhacsnvc omgomgomgomg I've watched so many korean dramas its not funny! Its sad but i do love them. I went on this whole phase where I just wanted to watch korean movies. but then I watched so many of like the same romances that all have like the same exact story line I kinada took a break plus theres only so many movies to watch I was running out, but now I really want to watch korean movies now!!! its sad bc I cant even remember like any of the names of the movies I watched but I remember my little bride i think? But I liked tht one too. oh man now I need to watch a movie before I go to bed.

I actually havent watched anymore fairytail since my last message but then I started watching this new show called brothers conflict. I only got to watch one episode but its new and interesting. I can easyly watch it all tomorrow its only 12 episodes. I never get any watching in, like right now Im on skype talking with my friends and before I had to go out to my moms friends house bc she said she would pay me to vaccum her house. So I'll do any small job like tht to save up and thats what Ive been doing. I have $260 saved now and around $30 saved for spending money so far. So I think ive done pretty good with no job.

Dec 1, 2013