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kizan Dec 12, 2013

Hey Nice profile! I checked out your list and i thought you might like the anime 

Sakamichi no Apollon. Hope you enjoy it! 

blackfire Dec 11, 2013

ughh!!! this takes me soo long to write now! i have one hand now! im all casted up, it covers all my fingers completely all the way down to half way to my elbow. Its like wearing a big hard mitten. I cant even press the backspace key with my right hand bc it hits 20 other keys. but its not too bad and im going back in a month.

The end of episodee was worth it tho! it was soo horrible untill the end. I just finished the series and it was beautiful!!! i loved it so much! im satisfied but at the same time they still can continue. but im actually really happy with how they ended it, very good writters, unlike many shows we know kdfgrskipbeatasfgh. Well i have to go to school for only 2 days this week:) ill get to find out wht i get for my hand, i mean i have like 3 notes from different people about gym and even one saying i cant write for a month! this should be fun. altho i cant take pictures like this!

oh and since no gym im goin to find a new korean drama to start. haha im just pictureing me now in the back of the class watching some show bc i can in subtitles and no one will know, untill i start laughing haha.

blackfire Dec 10, 2013

my parents get super paranoid now about bringing me to the doctors bc the last time they were relocktant to bring me thinking i would just get better and didnt bring me for a week untill i wasnt and I was on the verge of pneumonia. I was sick bad for a month. Well now they bring me all the time and I have never broke a bone before so they didnt think it was so they didnt bring me to the ER. Well i just knew it, the doctor is sending me to another doctor. This is soo stupid bc we have to wait and hour to see the doctor and she did nothing for me but tell me I broke my hand. Then she just told me to go to the bone doctor tomorrow to get a cast put on. Its from my middle finger straight down the middle of my hand and I need to be really careful not to brake it more or my hand will be in two aparently. But another day of no school! I feel like an old person who doesnt know how to type bc I have to type with one figer at a time on each hand. i have a splint on now so i dont ruin it more. writing at school should be interesting. I think they will give me a computer bc they have mac's.

Im in the middle of episode 13 and dieing of the current situation. They just need to be together now!!!

blackfire Dec 10, 2013

haha I love when his mom is undercover. I really think I love it more then the anime just bc of the people and its just perfect! I feel like in this verson you can really see more how much he really cares for her. Just every character is perfect! Im starting episode 13 now.

I went to get my X-Ray today at some place and they said they would fax the results to my doctor. Well my doctor aparently doesnt open till 5:30 and when we got the receptionist she was just guessing from the x-ray that its broken or just fractured. but then appently i have to go in again at 8:15. This is so fustrating! I wish we just went to the ER sunday or even Monday to get it over with, i dont care if it costs more. I just know my doctor wont do anything and send me somewhere else. I dont know why the x-ray place has to send it to my doctor. But I kinda want a cast so then people can sign it, but im not sure i get one for my finger. ohh well Ill just have to see.

blackfire Dec 10, 2013

haha I know I love it too much! I watched 9 straight episodes yesterday plus a korean movie. so like 11 hours of my life yesterday was gone. Im going to start episode 10 now so I dont know about the doctor. AND WE HAVE NO SCHOOL TODAY!!! I WASNT GOING ANYWAY BC I NEED AN X-RAY BUT STILL NO SCHOOL FOR US!!! AND IT JUST STARTED SNOWING NOW WHICH IS AROUND 9! its going to be the best stay home and watch the rest of the series day:D plus i got to sleep in till 9 so im not tired at all:D sorry to rub it in.