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Hyelllooo!! My name is Alyssa, but my friends and family call me Lil. I like to paint, play soccer, snowboard, play video games, and of course my secret anime :)

I LOVEEE ROMANCE ANIME! But it isnt the only genre I watch.

Im not big on manga but im trying to start.

Ive been really loving korean dramas lately, especially romance <3

Only my best friends know I watch it, and yes I get made fun of about it by them, but hey, they still love me <3 not to offend anyone, but I keep it on the down low from my other friends.

My first anime (beside Pokemon and Sailor Moon) was Fruits Basket. I will admit I always thought anime was weird but last year I saw  Fruits Basket on Netflix and had an urge to watch I basically watch anime every free chance I get (My grades have dropped and I get no sleep) hahaha.......i have no life....

LOVE THEM                                       <3     


 LOVE these couples <3 <3 <3


My Favesss (not in any order):

 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Special A

Itazura Na Kiss


Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

Angel Beats!


Pokemon (Its my childhood)


If you also like these leave me suggestions!



 Hahah his face ^

                 MOVIES I LOVE THAT ARE NOT ANIME:                

Transformers (all of em)

Waynes World

The Avengers

Dumb and Dumber


Nacho Libre



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blackfire says...

Man I really hope ur back feels better that really hurts. I hurt my tail bone before, i cant even remember how i fell i could have been ice skateing, but ive already hit it twice from falling out of a hamick but tht kills me. i know tht just from my hand i cant lie down normally. its just getting anyoing now, like i spend most of my time in bed on the computer as u know so like if my hand isnt a certain way then it will just hurt more or ill lose currculation.

Well ive been watching heirs and on episode 8 now. its actually gotten pretty good. now this is truly a drama. So much going on and the amount of tention there is is crazy. I really want to see wht happens now.

and yes Skiip beat will ALWAYS be my favorite its just the most perfect thing on earth. i wish i had the money to buy all the books and read them all again!!!

Dec 14, 2013
blackfire says...

oooo i wish i could go snow boarding, i do love it and this winter i really wanted to learn more but it doesnt look likke thts happening. Have fun tomorrow bc u know i cant lol. i hope ur back will be ok. our computers have a lot of security to but just like the basics like facebook twitter instagram tumblr which im mad about, but we still have youtube netflix and almost every anime site works for me. im a bit mad tht they blocked like all the computer games. really they do it threw the wifi so if i was able to bring in a hot spot or something i could do wht evr i want. i need to learn how to hack.

AND YESSSS WRTHNBDFSGHGJKGFD SKIP BEAT HAS BEEN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its like the one thing thts even better then tht drama! im dieing to know wht happens!!! they always leave u on the worst places and i sill have maybe 2 weeks now till the new chapter. but really the past few chapters are sooo good! ahh i dont know why my hand feels numb/like its falling off.

Dec 13, 2013
blackfire says...

OMG I KNOW RIGHT!!!! THE MINI EPISODES ARE EVEN BETTER!!! SOOO PERFECT! hahha im in chem now and I got a laptop to use from the school, they are so nice and new. there the new macbook air. i got 30 mins to kill so i can talk to u. I found out one of my best friends Emily, one yeear younger, fell down the stairs and hit her head monday. So she wasnt in school either and i finally got to talk to her yesterday on skype. Shes fine and came to school today, so shes in my gym so we got to sit in the CAI room together. She'll get to be in there with me for the next week too. So we decided to watch a new drama, but we were both so tired and the subs were going so fast, we didnt get much out of the first episode. its a bit confusing, its called heirs. its new but not tht interesting.

Tonight at the big library in our county has this anime nation every Dec. They get a vocie actor every year and give away gift baskets and they have games hooked up and people cosplay. Last year they had the person who vocied Germany, he was really nice and i got his autograph. This year is some girl i dont care about and she only does pokemon, so i have no interest, but my friends are going so ill tag along. Im not even cosplaying bc i dont feel like it. i hope i win a prize tho, i want free pocky!

I still not sure wht show im going to fully watch but i think im going to continue this show a little. Im soooo sad the other one is over! it was sooo good and perfect and nothing can compare. the actors were even perfect. did u see, they have a japanesse verson and a tawain version too. but they look so bad and hes ugly in the japanesse one. well gtg home:D 

Dec 13, 2013
kizan says...

Hey Nice profile! I checked out your list and i thought you might like the anime 

Sakamichi no Apollon. Hope you enjoy it! 

Dec 12, 2013
blackfire says...

ughh!!! this takes me soo long to write now! i have one hand now! im all casted up, it covers all my fingers completely all the way down to half way to my elbow. Its like wearing a big hard mitten. I cant even press the backspace key with my right hand bc it hits 20 other keys. but its not too bad and im going back in a month.

The end of episodee was worth it tho! it was soo horrible untill the end. I just finished the series and it was beautiful!!! i loved it so much! im satisfied but at the same time they still can continue. but im actually really happy with how they ended it, very good writters, unlike many shows we know kdfgrskipbeatasfgh. Well i have to go to school for only 2 days this week:) ill get to find out wht i get for my hand, i mean i have like 3 notes from different people about gym and even one saying i cant write for a month! this should be fun. altho i cant take pictures like this!

oh and since no gym im goin to find a new korean drama to start. haha im just pictureing me now in the back of the class watching some show bc i can in subtitles and no one will know, untill i start laughing haha.

Dec 11, 2013