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blackfire Feb 11, 2014

OMG I cant believe i didnt see your last message till today!! its like a week later im so sorry! I havent been on the computer at all bc i literally have been craming my costume all day and night, nothing else I am soooo busy!!! I cant even believe i have time to type this! This is going to be another long message to keep you updated with my life, like you care lol ok so Ive been sick for like a week and now just feeling better! Last monday I woke up with a sore throat and felt terrible and luckly when I woke up they called a snow day last min. I was able to do alot of work on the costume sunday and monday. Then tuesday I woke up worse with the rest of the cold and all cold symptoms like runny nose, sinus pressure, all in my ears, and so on. but i really wanted to make it to school bc its the first day of all our new classes and such so I dragged on. The medine my mom got me for servere cold made me extremely out of it and passing out tired. So I dont remember what happens after I take it and fall asleep and apartly I will act like Im awake and talk to people soo like my parents were confused lol. then i stayed home wednesday and the meds had me sleeping all day! then I had to go to therapy at night. then I didnt work on my costume for three days bc i was so sick and who knows what I could have done to it unknowingly on those crazy pills. I slept over amandas friday and we stayed up all night working. again the meds had me passed out on my couch untill she was banging on the front door to pick me up. then all weekend up till crazy hours of the night working on it. even sunday I was up till 2! then I didnt even wake up till 7!!! I have to be in school by 7:10!!! I was almost an hour late to school plus my mom had to pick me up early to go get my license! I passed!!! Then me and amanda had a ton of running around to do getting things for Katsucon. All this late night working is proablly making me sick. I didnt go to school today either bc I was sick but mostly Im still not done with the costume!!! Now I need to be ready for tomorrow night! Im going to sleep over my aunts and were going to have to see how this stupid snow storm coming right for us is going to pan out. yeah I dont know how im goin to get it done. im going to be bringing everything to her house ugh all my stuff could fill the whole car. 

well on to the whole 1D thats amazing! Im going to their concert in Aug at Met Life stadium! Im super excited for it, how sad is it that I bought one ticket for me? well i know a friend who will be excatily oposite sets on the other side of the place lol well i dont care i get to see them! I got to see them almost 2 years ago but not up close seats or anything. I was like 3 feet from their tour bus and got to wave to louis and harry! yeah i dream of them too sometimes I love when I have dreams of them. bc of these stupid meds they give me crazy real dreams. like I dont dream everyday anyway and my dreams can be extremely crazy all the time but on the meds my dreams are realistic like they could actully happen in life, extremely vertual in the sense everything feels soo real and i can really feel things, It feels like real life, I know im dreaming but it still feels more life like then normal I can remember them too and they are so vivid! One of them I was with Harry and we were just starting to date and we were on the beaching sitting on a blanket sitting close to each other with a picnic. it was so cozy. well im glad your obsessed theres no escaping it now.

ok i better go I talk way to much lol Im so not tired I just had like an hour ago belgium waffles with icecream at the dinner and it was the biggest thing you have ever seen! Amanda even got a picture of my face bc i was so in shock of how tall they piled the ice cream and whipped cream. still on a sugar rush O.o

blackfire Jan 29, 2014

Well a few colors would go good with that dress, im just not sure what colors you like. Almost any really pale color would look good like a light pale blue or light purple. But if you really want to stand out then I suggest red! Red would look so good with that dress and I think it would look good with your blond hair.

I actually heard of that daily lives of high school boys. Its super short so I can deffinately watch it in one night. I just finished another short seires called choas head on netflix. Its pretty good. Its more of a figureing out whos the master mind of a serial killer kind of thing, and the boy is accused of it and he's haveing like a complete break down and is kind of crazy. but idk its pretty good it was able to keep my attention with 12 ep. I've been so board at night and to lazy to watch something on my computer that Im just trying to find anything on netflix that I started watching Inital D. Its like the stupidest oldest show ever with the worst graphics but then Todd had to have a character so for some reason i keep watching it. Not all the time but an episode here and there or put it on when Im on the computer. 

we have finals tomorrow but then no school friday bc I can exempt them! Ive had a very stressful bad day. I hate my gym teacher so much hes the most unconsiderate selfish jerk ever! I hate him so much and he gives me such a hard time, like my grade was so bad bc of him. Im on medical and he gives me 0s and makes my participation grade terrible bc he saids im not doing gym, umm hello I broke my hand! I just practically flipped on him today I was just so stressed about everything else going on in my life and he just has to make everything worse, then when I wanted to go the nurse he almost didnt let me! the nerve of that guy!!! and he didnt even let my friend walk me down! he just started getting mad when I wanted to leave! then I had like a whole break down at the nurses office and the nurses told me he was giveing some other girl a hard time too. and I was completely right and she even photo copied the note again for him to prove him wrong. they also said hes not even going to be here anymore and they found a replacement. I was so happy bc ive never had a worse teacher in my life. then when i finally come back to gym he still gives me a hard time wont change my participation grade and then wants another note bc he said that the first one didnt cover monday! I mean really one day! I cant do anything for 3 months! Im already mad I couldnt go snowboaring this year and he was like well this says the 23rd. I though i would be done with gym anyway by then so I made sure to go all the way to the theripist and get a note to rub in his face tomorrow and they did a good job writing it too, its all like you obveously know she broke her hand last month and now just started going to phyical therapy so she cant do anything untill march. She cant do any gym so idk why there is a problem but if you do call me with any questions or comments. I hope he is offended. believe me if he wasnt already leaving then i would make sure to complain big time to someone with power so he can get removed or something. sorry thts alot and actually I tried summing it up but yeah not a great day but only one more day of that guy! and im already done with Chem and history for the rest of my life!whooh!

blackfire Jan 22, 2014

Wow that dress is amazing! what color were you going to get it in? You can always get tanner at the store. They have wipes too. Its kinda weird to wipe on a tan. but they have a bunch of stuff you can get at the store to be tan or you can just sit outside in the sun the old fashioned way. I never get a fake tan, I have a more olive skin so I tan easily. In the summer it doesnt take long for me to get really tan. Without trying I will be super dark by the end of the summer and then I get really light in the winter so I need to become tan again in spring.

Im glad you have wifi that would kill me I dont know what I would do. I mean I would play video games for a while but then get board of playing all the time. I live on wifi. Your a brave soul.

Still not really sure wht to start watching. alsdjfkhds I want to find something, im not very motivated lol

blackfire Jan 21, 2014

One word- SNOW! We're getting this huge snow storm! We got out early today and just in time bc it was snowing like crazy when we did. They say 8-12 in for us or some say more but its been non-stop snow since 10! We already have maybe 5-6 in idk im just observing from inside, i will wait till tomorrow plus no school! Is it bad that I looking forward to sledding tomorrow?hehehe

The new place I went for therapy is great! The girl is super nice and young (which most doctors arent) My hand for the most part is doing fine, thanks for wondering:) If I dont use it then Im ok but at therapy when we move it around and test it I still have alot of pain. She said I have 6 weeks at least for it to be healed. Im super week in this arm, the strength test said my strength is 5lbs in my right hand and 55ibs on my left and my right should be even stronger, I have a ways to go lol

I just finished rewatching FMA, awww it brings back so many memories its soo cute and just amazing. And I miss the old Al, Araon did such a good job. But rewatching it again bc its been so many years I really see the differences and how many open ends they leave. Thats why I love brotherhood so much! I remember when I watched FMA and was like how can this be it? and Then Brotherhood was being dubbed and being able to watch that and hateing the wait and then forgeting to watch it when it did come out. Its been so long.

Im kinda stumped on what to watch, nothing really good on netflix. I do this all the time. I love netflix for a bit and then I feel like Ive seen everything and then cancel it but it is so convenent to watch. Not sure what but im finishing trigun. Its one of those shows where Ill put an episode on when im eating. and Im not to in the mood for subtitles on the korean side but I have a few on netflix to watch. I really cant be worried about that bc I need to work on my costume! OK so I got my wig and the contacts are on the way. I got all the fabric except the gold and I still need white shorts and white boots! I have no clue what Im going to do for shoes! I drew life size patterns for the sleeves and half of the body I need to finish tht today I just get lazy bc its alot of work and remeasureing and figureing out bc if its wrong on the pattern the whole thing is ruined. I still have so much and I need to make belts plus finals are coming up! I get to exempt 2 but still! ugh well hows things been with the wifi? any snow up there?

blackfire Jan 10, 2014

Wow I felt like this week has gone by really fast. I mean we just got back from break I didnt come in monday, tuesday we got delayed opening and I cant believe its already friday. Now finals are coming up soon and I will finally be done with Chem! Ugh im doing so bad in tht class.

I got to go back to the doctors wednesday and its not all healed yet. I can wear my cast for 2 more weeks and transistion over to a brace. I can wear my cast less and less so when Im at home I can type again! I start physical therapy on tuesday. 3 times a week. So are you feeling better? it seems like so many people got sick at the same time.

asdfghjkjhgfgdsbfirbvckcab AHhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! haha I should have started off saying that I am deffinately going to Katsucon!!! Well I pre-registered like last summer for it the earlyest you could and saved a lot, but it is deffinate and we are booking the hotel tomorrow! Im soooo exicted!! I check the website everyday for the guests, its sooo annyoing how long they make you wait. I swear if Todd or Vic arent there I will be so pissed Im spending all my money to go and thinking they should be there. They just announced that Greg Aryas and his brother Chris will be there, but I did get to see him last year, still a pretty cool guy. I didnt get to go up and say hi even tho he was like right infront of me bc the others in our group wanted to get food right after the pannel was over. But im hoping will all my wallet that at least one of my favorites are there. I will even settle for Michel J. Tannem. sorry im spelling their names wrong probally.

I actually started watching some animes again, my korean crave has gone down. I still have like an episode left of personal taste, its just been kinda blaah and slowish and Im lazy and dont want to read. So ive been watching the dubbed animes on netflix. I think ive seen all the shows I want to watch on netflix and going to start watching full metal over again. I mean I really need to especally if Im going to a convention in a month, that is my show! I must be able to know every detail! Im going to start thinking of questions now to ask. Oh and I have offically decided to be CC from code geass. I already ordered the green wig so I have one month left to make the outfit! Thats not alot of time at all considering I cant do much for another 2 weeks when I get my hand back. I really dont have any strength in it and just typing makes my hand tired so therpy should get me back in shape. sorry thats a lot! but I am very happy about Katsucon I was worried I might not be able to get down there.