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Hyelllooo!! My name is Alyssa, but my friends and family call me Lil. I like to paint, play soccer, snowboard, play video games, and of course my secret anime :)

I LOVEEE ROMANCE ANIME! But it isnt the only genre I watch.

Im not big on manga but im trying to start.

Ive been really loving korean dramas lately, especially romance <3

Only my best friends know I watch it, and yes I get made fun of about it by them, but hey, they still love me <3 not to offend anyone, but I keep it on the down low from my other friends.

My first anime (beside Pokemon and Sailor Moon) was Fruits Basket. I will admit I always thought anime was weird but last year I saw  Fruits Basket on Netflix and had an urge to watch I basically watch anime every free chance I get (My grades have dropped and I get no sleep) hahaha.......i have no life....

LOVE THEM                                       <3     


 LOVE these couples <3 <3 <3


My Favesss (not in any order):

 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Special A

Itazura Na Kiss


Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

Angel Beats!


Pokemon (Its my childhood)


If you also like these leave me suggestions!



 Hahah his face ^

                 MOVIES I LOVE THAT ARE NOT ANIME:                

Transformers (all of em)

Waynes World

The Avengers

Dumb and Dumber


Nacho Libre



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blackfire says...

Wow that dress is amazing! what color were you going to get it in? You can always get tanner at the store. They have wipes too. Its kinda weird to wipe on a tan. but they have a bunch of stuff you can get at the store to be tan or you can just sit outside in the sun the old fashioned way. I never get a fake tan, I have a more olive skin so I tan easily. In the summer it doesnt take long for me to get really tan. Without trying I will be super dark by the end of the summer and then I get really light in the winter so I need to become tan again in spring.

Im glad you have wifi that would kill me I dont know what I would do. I mean I would play video games for a while but then get board of playing all the time. I live on wifi. Your a brave soul.

Still not really sure wht to start watching. alsdjfkhds I want to find something, im not very motivated lol

Jan 22, 2014
blackfire says...

One word- SNOW! We're getting this huge snow storm! We got out early today and just in time bc it was snowing like crazy when we did. They say 8-12 in for us or some say more but its been non-stop snow since 10! We already have maybe 5-6 in idk im just observing from inside, i will wait till tomorrow plus no school! Is it bad that I looking forward to sledding tomorrow?hehehe

The new place I went for therapy is great! The girl is super nice and young (which most doctors arent) My hand for the most part is doing fine, thanks for wondering:) If I dont use it then Im ok but at therapy when we move it around and test it I still have alot of pain. She said I have 6 weeks at least for it to be healed. Im super week in this arm, the strength test said my strength is 5lbs in my right hand and 55ibs on my left and my right should be even stronger, I have a ways to go lol

I just finished rewatching FMA, awww it brings back so many memories its soo cute and just amazing. And I miss the old Al, Araon did such a good job. But rewatching it again bc its been so many years I really see the differences and how many open ends they leave. Thats why I love brotherhood so much! I remember when I watched FMA and was like how can this be it? and Then Brotherhood was being dubbed and being able to watch that and hateing the wait and then forgeting to watch it when it did come out. Its been so long.

Im kinda stumped on what to watch, nothing really good on netflix. I do this all the time. I love netflix for a bit and then I feel like Ive seen everything and then cancel it but it is so convenent to watch. Not sure what but im finishing trigun. Its one of those shows where Ill put an episode on when im eating. and Im not to in the mood for subtitles on the korean side but I have a few on netflix to watch. I really cant be worried about that bc I need to work on my costume! OK so I got my wig and the contacts are on the way. I got all the fabric except the gold and I still need white shorts and white boots! I have no clue what Im going to do for shoes! I drew life size patterns for the sleeves and half of the body I need to finish tht today I just get lazy bc its alot of work and remeasureing and figureing out bc if its wrong on the pattern the whole thing is ruined. I still have so much and I need to make belts plus finals are coming up! I get to exempt 2 but still! ugh well hows things been with the wifi? any snow up there?

Jan 21, 2014
blackfire says...

Wow I felt like this week has gone by really fast. I mean we just got back from break I didnt come in monday, tuesday we got delayed opening and I cant believe its already friday. Now finals are coming up soon and I will finally be done with Chem! Ugh im doing so bad in tht class.

I got to go back to the doctors wednesday and its not all healed yet. I can wear my cast for 2 more weeks and transistion over to a brace. I can wear my cast less and less so when Im at home I can type again! I start physical therapy on tuesday. 3 times a week. So are you feeling better? it seems like so many people got sick at the same time.

asdfghjkjhgfgdsbfirbvckcab AHhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! haha I should have started off saying that I am deffinately going to Katsucon!!! Well I pre-registered like last summer for it the earlyest you could and saved a lot, but it is deffinate and we are booking the hotel tomorrow! Im soooo exicted!! I check the website everyday for the guests, its sooo annyoing how long they make you wait. I swear if Todd or Vic arent there I will be so pissed Im spending all my money to go and thinking they should be there. They just announced that Greg Aryas and his brother Chris will be there, but I did get to see him last year, still a pretty cool guy. I didnt get to go up and say hi even tho he was like right infront of me bc the others in our group wanted to get food right after the pannel was over. But im hoping will all my wallet that at least one of my favorites are there. I will even settle for Michel J. Tannem. sorry im spelling their names wrong probally.

I actually started watching some animes again, my korean crave has gone down. I still have like an episode left of personal taste, its just been kinda blaah and slowish and Im lazy and dont want to read. So ive been watching the dubbed animes on netflix. I think ive seen all the shows I want to watch on netflix and going to start watching full metal over again. I mean I really need to especally if Im going to a convention in a month, that is my show! I must be able to know every detail! Im going to start thinking of questions now to ask. Oh and I have offically decided to be CC from code geass. I already ordered the green wig so I have one month left to make the outfit! Thats not alot of time at all considering I cant do much for another 2 weeks when I get my hand back. I really dont have any strength in it and just typing makes my hand tired so therpy should get me back in shape. sorry thats a lot! but I am very happy about Katsucon I was worried I might not be able to get down there. 

Jan 10, 2014
blackfire says...

im so sorry i never got back to you! things were great all this sleep plus friends and parties. I finished personal taste like last week. It was ok I didnt really like it to much but I love him as an actor so I was able to finish it. I dont think I would really ever end a drama unless it was super terrible. Then I slept over my one friends house with the 3 sisters I think i mentioned her before. Well I remembered you said they had boys over flowers on netflix (I dont have netflix anymore) Well thats all they watch so i was like I want to show you guys this one show. The main girl looks exatly like this person we know! Like no joke when she was younger she probally looked just like this, she even has those same face expressions! well it took them a few mins but then they got who it was but wanted to keep watching. then they got addicted and love it. You know Ji Hoo the one who has the orange hair, yeah well they keep makeing fun of him bc they say he looks like me! I was like what!? But they keep on insisting tht he looks just like me. Even their mom is into it and she even saids we look the same. Im not asain!

Well I did finally want netflix back for at least a little bit so I did. Im so glad they have a ton of other korean dramas on there. I decided to watch Lie to me. Its pretty good so far but i think im only on episode 6. Yeeah well then I got like super sick. I was sleeping over someones house sunday night and wasnt feeling so good late at night I was just like whatever. Then I couldnt really sleep at all and was like freezing cold half the time shivering. Well I was a bit hot at times and one thing jumped into my mind, I dont think im getting a fever please no. So when i got up in the morning I ran to the bathroom I was white as a ghost and could barely walk feeling like i was going to puke. Well i did have a fever and burning up. I felt so sick but there was no adults home so my friends didnt know wht to do, how wonderful. Well i got home and continued to die of i think it could have been something like the flu. I havent even been on the computer in 3 days. I didnt even know yesterday was new years eve. well my fever broke this morning but Im still felling pukey but im glad most of thts over. I could only watch easy stuff on netflix like the lorax or lealo and stitch bc half the time I was too tired to pay attaintion or really anything else actually made me feel worse. I saw they had the show arrow on netflix and I wanted to watch it. so i start watching the first episode and i had to stop bc it made me want to puke. I feel like a pregnat woman or something with these crazy things.

Well its been a terrible way to end vacation but im so not going back tomorrow. Hows things gone with you?

Jan 1, 2014
blackfire says...

Wow I loved that show soo much, thank you for telling me to watch it i think it will forever be my favorite it was amazing. It made me feel like crying for a few episodes striaght and get very veryy mad when they werent together and I was hoping for a better ending and a bit more to happen but altogether it was such a good show. I loved that actor before but the more I see him in the more i love him. i should really remember his name. I feel horrible for now only wanting to watch dramas. they are just soo good! Just finished boys over flowers and then looking at my anime stuff and was like I dont even want to watch this, these dramas are 932748239432 times better they are soo amazing! I mean i loved korean movies but these dramas wow I must have had a bad experiance with them before bc i thought they were all horrible. but I think im just going to keep watching them all till i get sick of them! Im going to start personal taste next bc tht even has him in it and there are still plenty others tht seem good. Im so glad tht its winter break so i can watch dramas 24/7. Im barly getting any sleep as it is but i can sleep in late now and not regret staying up till 2 every night, now even later. is it bad to actually be sad when I have to socialize? can I just stay home? I dont really feel like going over anyones house unless you will watch dramas with me haha

oh and wht did you think of the live actions ending? was it any different from the anime(which again I looked at a picture or two from the anime and it looks soo bad not even like their real live selfs and just so ugly) even tho the show was so good I dont think I could stand watching the anime.

Dec 22, 2013