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blackfire Sep 3, 2013

Ok thanks Ill message on there. And the same thing happened to me too with my computer! I was able to recover pictures though. I used to talk endlessly on skype with my friends, but when it was deleted we never really went on any more. Then the past few months we've been using skype alot so for some reason my computer remembered my user name and I didn't have to make a new one. Mines Jello642 don't laugh haha it was a nickname I got back in middle school. We all got one that started with the first letter of our names. Jen=Jello. My friend Sabrina=Sharpie and so on lol

blackfire Sep 2, 2013

haha thts ok sometimes it nice to just talk about random stuff, its not like you can always have a convo like this with your best friend bc they already know that lol do u have a skype? It might be easyer to type on there, we can still go on rants but its easier for me to send you a picture.

well anyway I know you won't kill me if I pick a favorite like most people will, but right now I'm a Harry and Niall girl(leaning more on Harry) To tell you the truth I hated Harry when I first saw them all. Like HATE hate, I just don't know why. Mainly bc of his hair, I thought he was sooo  ugly. This was like 3 years ago. I have a thing for blonds so I emedetly fell for Niall. I thought his eyes were gorgous and I loved that he was Irish. I've always been a Niall girl, but at first I also loved Zayn too. I thought he was Italian at first, well that lasted for a few minutes till i looked them up. But I do love Zayn alot but I can't believe his getting married! As time went on and I watched more videos and tumblr I don't even know when this happened but I loved Harry. It was only a little after that I didn't mind him. Then more and more I liked him. Now I can't help but call him my favorite! Yes he wears skinny jeans like you said you hate but I just love his personality. He's soo sweet, tells horrible jokes that you can't help but find funny, and a smile that will make your day. I do like Harry so much. Niall was my favorite forever and still is. So I have 2 favorites. ahhhh sorry wow I can talk.

Did you watch all of there music videos? You should check out the one they did a cover of One way or Another. It was soo good and cute!

blackfire Sep 1, 2013

hahaha I'm dieing about what you said about 1D. I agree with hateing justin beiber and i'm not really into whats populer and that stuff but I do like them alot. But i have good reasons too. I've known about them for almost 3 years now before they were as huge as they are now. Acually almost no one knew about them when I herd about them, they were only known in the UK. They didn't even have an album out but I liked their x-factor days. Then after all this time they got super populer. I never really talked about it to anyone bc there are alot of people who hate them, so I keep to my self about them. I can't stand some of the people who like them so I rather not even talk to them. I have a few close friends that we understand each other about the whole 1D thing so we can fan girl together lol I just find this to funny that you slowly are likeing them, I just know slowly you will love them. You should really go see their movie that just came out, it was really good and you will find out alot about them since you are just learning about them. You don't have to, but mine as well go when its in theathers and form an opion of them within 2 hours. hahaha sorry I can go on for hours so I'll shut up now. oh and believe me we all died from the way Zayn looked at that camera. Still recovering from the movie I cant handle that much 1D perfection

And about good charlette yes I do love them alot. I haven't listened to them in a while but if you want to label music then I mainly listen to emo, scene kid music, the stuff you would find in hot topic. But the past few months I haven't been listening to that kind of music almost at all. Its been years but i might be growing out of it a little. When I was little I grew up on old school rock. Lotsssss of Elvis. I mean it has been engraved into my head. Any one of his songs could play at any time and I might not have heard it in years but I will know every word. Also alot of the beatles, who I still love to this day. My parents listened to alot of that and the classics of areosmith, blondie, queen, journey, bon jovi, and frank sanatra. I look back on it and growing up I loved that music bc it was playing all the time. I still love alot of old music even though it might not be on my ipod. Its funny bc my friend and I were just talking about the music we listened to when we were young today!

blackfire Sep 1, 2013

haha thats really cool to hear about that. Even tho I might not love them as much as you do, we both understand the feeling of being super close to artists we love. We can both fangirl to each other even tho they are different people lol I have no clue where I am sitting though. I just won today and they said they will call back tomorrow with the details, so I might have to wait till I even get them in the mail to see where I am. I think it should be pretty good seats bc their from a radio station but Madision Square Garden is huge so I could be anywhere.

I will say this and I don't know how you will react, either we will become great friends or you might hate me but I love One Direction. I will leave it at that for now. Other then Ed and 1D I mainly listen to rock and more alternitive music. I like people like one republic, the fray, the script, maroon 5, mayday parade, Bruno Mars, 30 seconds to mars, pink, and other bands like escape the fate, black veil brides, a day to remember, bless the fall, evanescence, fly leaf, paramore, sleeping with sirens, and three days grace. Those are some of my favorite bands I listen to alot and recently I've been into kpop mostly a band named bigbang, a bit in love with them lol.

Do you like to listen to other bands that aren't country? sorry that was a mouthful of names.

blackfire Sep 1, 2013

Yeah I'm like a huge Ed Sheeran fan, I love him so much, deffinitly one of my favorite artists. I saw him once before in May when he came to my board walk and sung a few songs. I was a foot away from him ahhhh! Sorry but I don't really like country music at all. I guess I like a few songs, its not too bad. But yeah if you got a concert to go to then by all means ditch that band hahaha. I wouldn't even of went to school that day, I know I'm not going to school the day of the concert!

Yay your finally going to read the manga?! I can understand that you don't want to read the begining again since you just watched it, but I would read it. I don't know how fast you read but it shouldn't take you that long to catch up to where it ended, plus you want to savor each and every page since its ongoing. Once you get to the end you want to cry bc you need to know more! Once you start reading you will not want to stop. I took me about a week to read all 200 chapters. But it is mostly the same but then you get used to how everyone looks drawn and the begining is soo funny too. well its up to you.