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blackfire Sep 10, 2013

Wow your gym sounds awesome!!!! I wish we could have rock climbing and archery! We have always had lamo basic stuff. Mainly we didnt even do a sport at all, us girls were so lazy we would just walk around the track the whole time on our phones and listening to music. The guys would just play foot ball sometimes there would be soccer. yeah and I mean that was it, extremely boring.

Have you been watching anything good or just focusing on reading?

blackfire Sep 9, 2013

Yeah we really did nothing for an hour and a half but thats cool that you can do different things, my friend's school is like tht. We always just had plain old gym. We got changed and did what ever the teacher told our class that we had that day. In the winter when we couldnt go outside we could either play vollyball, basketball, or batmitten, all day everyday. So it got boring quick playing batmitten everyday. I am good at batmitten tho and we just to sit around and play on our phones the whole time but things changed this year. Now for 9th and 10th grades they have something called personal gym pitness or something and 11th and 12th grade get to have all the fun and choose what our gym is going to be like. I'm in self defence. You could do other things like leasure sports, extreme sports, running, and some other things. I think it will be fun to learn how to kick some butt.

I'm glad your loving it!!! You should go back to chapter 50 if you get the chance bc you missed some stuff. I remember it leaving off right where the anime ended and emediatly where it ended something good happened, and she went to Rens house something like that.

blackfire Sep 9, 2013

I'm so glad you liked it and are getting used to it! It is backwards bc you have to read it from right to left but you adjust fast. What chapter did you start at? I remember the anime leaving off around chapter 50. I'm pretty board now I'm writting this is gym we have height and weights today ugh 

blackfire Sep 5, 2013

AAHHHHHH! Really Im not to sure when you sent this but I think its recent. I just went on a long rant after you didn't say anything about Zayn lol I could talk forever about nicknames. Great now ths isn't even sending.

blackfire Sep 5, 2013

Did you ever see any messages from me on skype? Just wondering if it worked or not.