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blackfire Nov 18, 2013

haha thanks! Yeah she acutally wants some action but its the only thing she has really scene you know. Shes already in love with the main character and Im just like OMG how are you going to be able to handle everything else and everyone else this is just the begininng! She said shes going to watch angle beats tonight and Im going to go over her house next monday and we are going to have a OHHC marathon! I can not even imagine her reaction, plus we can fangirl about Tomaki bc who couldnt love him! Im very excited about it and she has just completely ruined her life and she will never see the light of day again hahaha this is what anime does to you. She has no clue wht she got herself into but I find this so entertaining hahaha

blackfire Nov 18, 2013

Haha right now Im in gym but I was soo rushed this morning so I had no time running on 3 hours of sleep. So I dont have any gym clothes so I'm sitting in the rejects room. Usually I can just go to the photography room but the teacher was absent so I'm here. It's not to bad I'm listening to Somme new songs bc the album was leaked early so I'm happy. I'm just worried about my battery.

on even better terms, I come in this morning and my best friend at school tells me she watched 10 episodes sward art online aka an anime. I have been trying to get her to watch anything for years! And she loved it and is completely fangirling! So we are about to go crazy with fan girling and I have so much to show her!!! I told her she should watch FMA like now! Anything particularly I should tell her to watch? I mean you will probably think of the same things as me bc we have the same taste 

blackfire Nov 16, 2013

yeah that sounds alot like my friends new house. A ton of work but when its all over its going to look great. Hard work really pays off. Bc its fall ive been raking leaves for money and its soo exhasting! I still dont have a job, but I kinda dont want one, but I need one to pay for all the things I want to do. So I have alot saved up for katsucon and I still have about less then half way to go. I really hope we get alot of snow this winter bc me and my friend want to shovel for money too. Our dreams will come true!

blackfire Nov 16, 2013

YES! I totally agree with you about the hunger games! It was the worse possible outcome and ending ever! I hated it and once Prim died it never got better. It was sooo good leading up to the capital and them on the mission and then that had to happen! Its like the writter was building up all this good material and ran out of time to finish writing the book or didnt even care and BS the rest of the book. Compared to the rest of her work, she rushed the end in my oppion and ruined it. I think she should just rewrite starting from where Prim dies and make a whole better ending. I think everyone will buy it and they should base the movie off that. I think the last movie is just going to be horrible, I really hope they rewrite the end. wow this has just gotten me all worked up thinking about it.

well on a happer note, Skip Beat has been amazing!!!! OMG so much has happened and the past 2 chapters were amazing!!!!! I cant wait for the new chapter to come out anyday now! This has been what I've been waiting for for the beggining of time! you should contine reading when you have the chance bc its beyond great.


blackfire Nov 13, 2013

Haha thats awesome! The movie was beyond amazing I mean whats with marvel and makeing new movies even more epic! I mean have you seen Iron man 3! I wont spoil it for you but you need to go asap!

Thats great tht your sister got a house, I know alot of people moving around but like not far, some even closer to me. Like I said before the biggest move I think is for my best friend Julia, so she will be around more then 2 hours away now. I think im going up with her again this weekend to paint more, haha we both are going to be painting experts! Is your sister going to be close to you?

and yes I do love the Hunger Games! I read all the books, that saids something bc I dont read alot close to never, excluding manga. The books were soo good, have you read them? At first when I saw the movie it wasnt all I expected and I hated it for leaving sooo much out! I remembered like every detail bc I read it right before I went to see it. I just didnt like it, but months later I watched it again and it wasnt too bad. The more I see it I dont mind it bc Im accepting it almost as its own thing and it will never be the book. I do want to go see catching fire the day it comes out tho, I dont know wht to expect.