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blackfire Mar 2, 2015

Im really sorry to hear about your grandma's. My one grandma hasnt been doing good at all either. She fell a few times and had to get her knees replaced. Shes doing better now, hopefully nothign else happens again.

OMG gurl we are soo alike! Im currently watching Parks and Rec too! Its amazing. Chris Pratt<333 I'll definately check out frineds after. I have been hearing about that show since it came out, im sure its really good. I think I'll like it.

Also dealing with the stress of college!! I finally decided what I want to do like 2 weeks ago! I want to do Sonography. Its another word for ultrasounds. So yeah im figuring that all out and have to get my assosiates degree before I can even start schooling for it.

OOMMMMGGG!!! I totally forgot I saw them too! It was in August at Giants Staduim! I bought those tickets almost a year before the concert! It was amazing! Thats the second time Ive gotten to see them in concert!



blackfire Feb 7, 2015


We haven't talked in forver! Summer was absolutely amazing! I cant even say Im a senoir bc I graduated like 2 weeks ago! It didnt even feel real! Im in between like 3 jobs right now, quit one. Tomorrow I turn 18! I met the most amazing guy this past fall and now Ive got an amzing boyfreind. SO much has happened in just a few months.

As of anime, yea havent watched that much either. All summer I didnt watch anything execpt like Pycho Pass like the last week of summer. I worked full time at the boardwalk, which I miss so much. Ive watched the entire series of the Office over the past month, such a funny show if you havent seen it yet, its on netflix. now im a bit stuck on what I should even start!

So whats been going on with you?!

blackfire Jul 15, 2014

sorry it took me so long to reply! How was the wedding?? I havent been to a wedding in a long time. I've been busy working lot so not as much time for anime, but I still try to watch as much as I can. Like today I have off. I should really be cleaning my room but i think I want to start something new. again it will take me forever to choose lol

I understand that your going to miss your frineds. I just found out a few days ago tht my very close friends I call my lil sisters, their like family, are moving to Maine! I was so heart broken. Thats at least an 8 hour drive. I only have like 3 weeks left with them and I dont know how Im going to take it when the day actually comes and their gone. But for now all I can do is spend as much time as I can with them.

Watch anything good recently? Hows summer?

blackfire Jun 3, 2014

yeah you got to make sure you stay safe out there!! and no I didnt read fault in our stars, not my kind of thing. I know some girls who are really into it but sorry I have no interest in it or the movie. It just sounds like a bad fan fic to me. I got a ton of cleaning up to do and finishing details on the costumes. Last night my friend who is coming with me to the con said she was going to slop a zuko costume together for my cousin, bc thats who he was going as, but we ran out of time and we never got to make it haha. but we deffinately are goin!!! and its going to be super nice out too:)

You have a good point, we both have seen the same things soo, but Ill look those up, Ive heard of almost all of them. and I know attack on titan its super popular right now and the english dub is supose to come out today, so I was waiting to watch it dubbed. I dont think its my kind of show idk ill have to see. and also the other show ive been waiting for should be out any day now in dub, Karnevel. It looks so good and ive wanted to watch it since it came out in Japan last year or so but then when I found out they were dubbing it, I just had to wait, epescailly bc of the voice actors!!! ahhh I watched the first ep today but waiting for the others:)

blackfire May 31, 2014

Just got back from work a little bit ago, pretty fun day, got off a littler early, didnt stay till close. Yeah I do like my job, i bit nervous for summer and all the drunks we get...

But that is soo weird!! and to find out so much later in your life that all that happened but kinda cool at the same time! like what if it was a super cool love triangle you would see in an anime haha thats all i would think about.

oh and talking about anime, guess whats in 5 days!!! Anime next!!! whoohhh! im so excited even tho its not a huge one and sorta by my house, but im pumped. and when I went into the break room to punch back in, there was a girl who looked really shy in there and i said hi and then my friend came in and we talked, and she was going to cover my sat for next week bc of the con and all. and the other girl was like Im going to! and I was like whaa! thts awesome and told her to totally run up to me if she saw me there, so I dont feel as bad now that some one from work is actually going too, but she works inside so I dont actually work with her but still its cool lol

still stuck on what to watch, any ideas???