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Hyelllooo!! My name is Alyssa, but my friends and family call me Lil. I like to paint, play soccer, snowboard, play video games, and of course my secret anime :)

I LOVEEE ROMANCE ANIME! But it isnt the only genre I watch.

Im not big on manga but im trying to start.

Ive been really loving korean dramas lately, especially romance <3

Only my best friends know I watch it, and yes I get made fun of about it by them, but hey, they still love me <3 not to offend anyone, but I keep it on the down low from my other friends.

My first anime (beside Pokemon and Sailor Moon) was Fruits Basket. I will admit I always thought anime was weird but last year I saw  Fruits Basket on Netflix and had an urge to watch I basically watch anime every free chance I get (My grades have dropped and I get no sleep) hahaha.......i have no life....

LOVE THEM                                       <3     


 LOVE these couples <3 <3 <3


My Favesss (not in any order):

 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Special A

Itazura Na Kiss


Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

Angel Beats!


Pokemon (Its my childhood)


If you also like these leave me suggestions!



 Hahah his face ^

                 MOVIES I LOVE THAT ARE NOT ANIME:                

Transformers (all of em)

Waynes World

The Avengers

Dumb and Dumber


Nacho Libre



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blackfire says...

sorry it took me so long to reply! How was the wedding?? I havent been to a wedding in a long time. I've been busy working lot so not as much time for anime, but I still try to watch as much as I can. Like today I have off. I should really be cleaning my room but i think I want to start something new. again it will take me forever to choose lol

I understand that your going to miss your frineds. I just found out a few days ago tht my very close friends I call my lil sisters, their like family, are moving to Maine! I was so heart broken. Thats at least an 8 hour drive. I only have like 3 weeks left with them and I dont know how Im going to take it when the day actually comes and their gone. But for now all I can do is spend as much time as I can with them.

Watch anything good recently? Hows summer?

Jul 15, 2014
blackfire says...

yeah you got to make sure you stay safe out there!! and no I didnt read fault in our stars, not my kind of thing. I know some girls who are really into it but sorry I have no interest in it or the movie. It just sounds like a bad fan fic to me. I got a ton of cleaning up to do and finishing details on the costumes. Last night my friend who is coming with me to the con said she was going to slop a zuko costume together for my cousin, bc thats who he was going as, but we ran out of time and we never got to make it haha. but we deffinately are goin!!! and its going to be super nice out too:)

You have a good point, we both have seen the same things soo, but Ill look those up, Ive heard of almost all of them. and I know attack on titan its super popular right now and the english dub is supose to come out today, so I was waiting to watch it dubbed. I dont think its my kind of show idk ill have to see. and also the other show ive been waiting for should be out any day now in dub, Karnevel. It looks so good and ive wanted to watch it since it came out in Japan last year or so but then when I found out they were dubbing it, I just had to wait, epescailly bc of the voice actors!!! ahhh I watched the first ep today but waiting for the others:)

Jun 3, 2014
blackfire says...

Just got back from work a little bit ago, pretty fun day, got off a littler early, didnt stay till close. Yeah I do like my job, i bit nervous for summer and all the drunks we get...

But that is soo weird!! and to find out so much later in your life that all that happened but kinda cool at the same time! like what if it was a super cool love triangle you would see in an anime haha thats all i would think about.

oh and talking about anime, guess whats in 5 days!!! Anime next!!! whoohhh! im so excited even tho its not a huge one and sorta by my house, but im pumped. and when I went into the break room to punch back in, there was a girl who looked really shy in there and i said hi and then my friend came in and we talked, and she was going to cover my sat for next week bc of the con and all. and the other girl was like Im going to! and I was like whaa! thts awesome and told her to totally run up to me if she saw me there, so I dont feel as bad now that some one from work is actually going too, but she works inside so I dont actually work with her but still its cool lol

still stuck on what to watch, any ideas???

May 31, 2014
blackfire says...

I totally understand It was such a great show! But I hated Todd's character at the end so much, he was horrible! did you hear they are making another season of it!!! Im so excited!!!

and yeah Ive heard of it, they have commercials. Thats always a nice job with flexible hours. I will be spending my summer at the boardwalk till like 12 or 1 in the morning! but yeah so far I really like it. I work the games outside, mainly the candy wheel, ballon pop, or the water guns. The managers are cool and I like some of the people that work there lol soo I should have some fun storys to share in the future:)

Im kinda stuck on what to watch next. I cant wait for Karnevil to come out in dub hopefully June 10th!!! Thats when it saids but who knows if its like one ep a week, gayy but Im looking forward to it. How's things by you?

May 30, 2014
blackfire says...

heyy!! I missed having someone to talk to! Its not summer for me!! I still have 3 weeks left, but its gone by soo fast! I cant even contimplate graduating! like no more school forever!! its a scary thought! but you must be super happy!!! I think you will like SAO it has a second sesion so its like 24 ep.

Im freaking out bc guess whats in less than 2 weeks!!! more like a week away!! anime next! its a smaller con in NJ but Im super excited and bringing my cousin along this year haha its going to be so much fun! I was going to make him a costume, and it was all so last min but there is no way I can make him one by then! oh and Im not sure if I told you I actually got a job! The more I work there, the more I love it:) Im almost there, almost summer!

May 28, 2014