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pateorian Jun 25, 2009

The Second Barrage is really good and it does leave you wanting more. That's okay though, because a third season called The Third Barrage has been confirmed for August of this year. So, I see you're watching Noir; what do you think of it thus far?

pateorian Jun 18, 2009

      I didn't rate anything because I use the site as a database to keep track of what I've watched (and how much of my life I wasted) rather than how much I liked any of them.

       On an entirely different note, you are the first person to bother talking to me and I would be interested in conversing with you in the future. If you want to talk about anime or whatever else (I noticed you hail from the southern US, and I have family down there), feel free to reply.

K12t2000 Jun 16, 2009

Dam girl more people talk to you than have ever talked to me on this site. Whats that about. Any way I will be home soon promise.

Vaelee Jun 15, 2009

I don't really rate anime because if I've watched it it means I liked it and would recomend it to ppl. Also if I had to rate them all I'd have to sit down and think about it, I don't like having to think really hard! :P

nachtwoelfin Jun 15, 2009

there is no real reason why I did not rate all the anime I have watched.

I am a lazy person

but maybe I rate them

do not know yet