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Kirito x Asuna x Sinon Love story.

24 NOV

I was bored and another admin on a Facebook page i create content for put up a story contest. the story had to be set in Gun Gale online, and it had to be a love story, not hentai or anything but a Love story. thought id share my contribution to this with you people.

"k-kirito-kun......... Do it with me"
"I want to have mini kirito's with you, do me, please?"
"S-sorry Sinon, i cant. i with Asuna....."
"Then ill ask her, do a 3P with me and her, please Kirito-kun!"

a day has passed, and kirito was asked to fetch some bits and bobs from the store. Sinon had come over to visit him and Asuna, and all that time, that statement had played on his mind. will she really ask?

Kirito opens the door nervously and proceeds to the Living room. no one can be seen.
"Asuna? Sinon?"
A slight giggle happened from upstairs. he noticed that someone had left a little note on the stairway with a heart drawn on it. in fear, he trembled up the stairs where the giggling got even louder. He conmtinued down the dimly lit hallway to the 2nd room on the right which was his and asuna's room. slowly turning the door hande, he pushed the door open slightly to find Sinon and Asuna in nothing but their undergarments.
"Kirito-kun, Sinon had thought of a fun game we should play. this will happen only once, because me and you are forever. i have only give sinon permission this once!"
Kirito's face became shocked.Kirito had thoughts "She actually remembered and asked but was it really a bad thing? i mean, she is cute looking and looks rather <<Cushty>>, but my heart yearns for Asuna and id feel bad for doing it."
"Come on now Kirito, I explained everything to Asuna, and she things its very cute. She even explained how you proposed the other day and she accepted."
"So you know about the marriage then. hmmm i see..."
Kirito's face lit up, a gentle smirk happened on his face as he took his jacket, shoes and shirt off and slowly walked over to Asuna and Sinon.
"Aslong as this is okay with you, we shall only do it once with her, okay?"
he gently whispered into asuna ear with a slight breathe on her neck. a little groan came from her as she whispered back
"Kirito, just this once for a change. I will never let my heart go for someone else, as my heart is for you, Kirito"
Asuna gave kirito and sneeky kiss on the lips, and pushed him onto his back, making him spread out across the bed, with Sinon nearest to his face.

<<skipping hentai material for story. be creative with your mind>>

The morning came. Kirito had slept with 2 awesome chicks, and they are pillowed on him on the bed. Asuna woke, and Whispered seductively
"Kirito, I hope we are forever, and lest do this again sometime"
He remebered what she said the night before, but it didnt seem to bother him. Asuna's words meant the world to him, he lives to please her and make her happy.
"Asuna, i am for you. aslong as our relationship is strong and i am making you happy, i will do anything for you."
Asuna crawled up and hovered over him, and proceeded to kiss him.
"Thank you, Kirito. My heart was right for choosing you"
Asuna rested her head on his right shoulder and fell back asleep. Kirirto left a slight sigh of joy out and looked at Sinon, who had been hugging near his Chest for the whole time she had been asleep, ther was also a slight grin. As kirito look up to the ceiling with a satisfired grin. he closed his eyes, and heard a slight mutter from Sinon
".....I love you, kirito....."

Here you go. hope you enjoyed it :)

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