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KuroBladez says...

That happened to me once as well, it's soo annoying! :p

I know right! I've seen so many people who drive like idiots and I think how did they even pass? Yeah cause insurance companies think we are retards lol :p This thing? Well I do live in the capital lol so it's too be expected I suppose :p You really don't like Oslo do you? :p We call it the pavement here :p Hahaha! Do you have like cycle lanes there?

Yeah it's a pretty good balance for me lol :p Nope I'm a retard when it comes to the actual hardware of the computers lol :p Hehe it's fine no need to apologize at least it was like a compliment :p Yep that's my vibe!! :D Haha I'm like that when things go wrong! He's a computer mastermind haha :p 

I think you just have to adjust your advice to the person you are talking to but yeah some people just can't take it. Yeah people will take advantage of you, which is why I'm less of a nice guy now lol, I had to grow thicker skin :p An irritating crush? Why? You must be really good at drawing! xD I suck! Okay ^^

Yeah you don't want people throwing up in your car lol :p I find it fun being the sober one because I just sit there laughing at everyone and being an ass to them :p Ah that's cool! Haha yeah just be like "Happy birthday... I present you my body" :p He wants socks? lol. I'd take the t-shirts but socks is a funny present lol :p Haha yeah same here :D Okay I shall be sending you a chocolate bar for your birthday lol! July is awesome! Haha agreed!

That's a really long time! You must really love her then! :) Nope, it's your past, we all do things we regret and if we change for the better then that's all that matters. I'm not going to judge you based on what you've done but more on what you're doing. Hehe you're making me blush :p I guess I'm just more emotional and serious than other people lol :p Most people my age here are idiots and I find it hard being around them so I just do my own thing lol. Yeah exactly! Marriage is like the ultimate form or something lol and it means a lot. Yeah you don't have to swear to god or anything just to the person you are with since that's all that counts really. I'd rather be "old fashioned" and believe in good morals than be a guy screwing every girl in town. Haha like I said on skype lighting bolts were coming down last night and I opened my window to watch them light up the sky! I even recorded it! :p I'll protect you! :D

Yeah I suppose so lol. Yeah without them I wouldn't be what I am today lol. A caveman? That's hurtful lol :p I have a sexy beard lol girls love mature dudes with beards :p I'm not an animal lover but yeah I saw how animals are killed to get the meat we eat and I didn't like it lol so I stopped eating meat. Yeah I don't believe in heaven or hell either I was just saying it lol but oh well I want to live the way I want to lol :p I don't get why, I think it's silly, they are still human beings. Exactly everyone can think for themselves! Hindus consider cows to be sacred and like gods I think :p Hahaha "I like cows" that's something I've never heard before lol! :p Collection?!Yeah I guess. I don't find that shocking at all... each to their own lol :p You say some really strange and worrying things lol :p Yeah spoiled kids are the worst like my cousin when he was 7 he got an iPad and I'm like WTF? Even I don't have one. 7 year olds should have toys and like a football or something lol. Yeah house prices are expensive here as well :p Yeah I hope to get a lot done in these 12 weeks, mainly to get healthy lol.

Umm I only know 2 languages fluently lol and I know a bit of french and a bit of Japanese lol :p I plan on taking a Japanese Language course one day :D Yeah it's a hard industry. Yep, thank your mum when your famous or something lol :p

HO sounds so wrong lol :p Haha she calls you a slut lol? I call my friends sluts too or I say "You Pansy!" :p I lost interest after L's Death lol :p Brotherhood is really good but I haven't seen the original but everyone says brotherhood is much better :p Yeah there were a lot of deaths!

I wish I could do that lol. Yeah I think everyone does when they get annoyed. Haha yeah that part is always so long lol :p Yeah keeping your cool is the best thing. Well I'm not sure if you was comfortable with me talking about wanting to play with your girlfriends boobs lol, most people would snap :p May I ask what size they are lol? :p Boobs are the way of life! xD Haha! I can't stop laughing at that lol :p Still sure about what? Yeah our convos are awesome! Well at least you didn't waste your time trying to finish it lol :p 


Jul 18, 2014
KuroBladez says...

Arigato! :D Yeah I tried doing that and it's insanely expensive because I'm only 18 :p My parents already paid for everything else lol and I told them I'll pay for the insurance or at least half then all petrol costs will be mine to pay :p Yeah it gets cheaper year on year for the most part especially if you don't make any claims :p Only 2 each day? There's 2 which take me to college and the come every 2-4 minutes :p Haha yeah I know how it is :p It's like "Get off my bloody road!" :p

Haha exactly although I tend to have many serious conversations with people because I'm a somewhat an emotional guy and I dunno sometimes it's nice just talking in depth with people, I think I like the change of pace :p I might build my own one day :p Haha same here even though I do games dev and there are units about the hardware I'm quite the noob myself :p Yeah you don't really see custom built laptops and the graphics card was broken?! :O Yeah returns are so annoying it's like "Are you sure you didn't break it?" :p  I'll send you a pic of my set-up on Skype :p

Haha maybe but I think he was trying to snap me out of it. I can be quite harsh when giving people advice but it's the kind of advice that makes them not be naive and it keeps them safe. I've been quite naive in the past and I've burnt my hand a few times doing that lol :p Haha you had a crush on your teacher? :p Yep manga makes your wildest dreams come to life! Yeah that's the base of the story lol but I higly recommend watching S2 and the last 3 special episodes where the show the "true ending".

Yep that's the way to go! The people who are closest and the only ones that matter :p Minigolf and a trip to the pub isn't a bad idea lol :p Haha doesn't she have any hobbies? Like my brothers birthday is 2 weeks after mine and finding a present for him is hard because he doesn't really like much lol. For me it's easy, buy me a game or some related to anime and I'm happy :p If you can't find anything just have you know what, I'm sure that'll be fun for the both of you haha :p I disagree! July is the best! :p Summer birthdays FTW! :D 

That's in the past right? I'm not going to judge you, I'll be honest and say I like you and think of you as a good friend so meh your past is your past, plus you're happy now and maybe she saw the side of you that I'm seeing :) Yep I don't plan on getting divorced or anything like that. It's nice hearing people meet "the one" and I'm a hopeless romantic lol but shame I won't get my happy ending lol :p 

My family doesn't always make me happy but I'm grateful that I have a loving family and on the good days I think I have the best family around :p Haha that's probably true :p It may seem harsh but to me it's practically life :p I never used to be religious like one of the rules is to grow our hair and not eat meat and around 6 years ago I felt like being religious and started growing my hair and became a vegetarian so I'm still doing those things but like I think I just look religious but I don't really feel it and I may go to hell or whatever it is and god may have given me my life but I want to think for myself I have the freedom too so I believe in myself basically and I think is right or wrong. Hehe sorry mini rant right there :p Like I don't wanna go dissing people's religions but not being able to accept gay people is just absurd and I've read a few of the "rules" and they are shocking. Like there's this one part that says if your house is being robbed and your wife protects you (the man) you get to chop her hand off and that's legit which just made me think WTF?! The thing I like about my religion is that men and women are equal and to be a sikh basically means to be a student and to learn things :) Hehe it's fine :D I don't socialize much either :p

Indeed. I hope to have kids one day, I dunno I kinda like the idea of being a dad one day but I think this is all been drummed in as the "right way" of life since I've been a child :p Yeah I agree like looking back at my life my parents never really bought me things I wanted and I'm glad they did cause when I think about it I never really needed those shitty toys lol :p You started at 13? I feel ashamed I haven't had a "proper" job yet :p Haha your dad is awesome :p That's the reason I want a job now to buy things I want, I'm living at home so I havent got many expenses so I can just buy all I want and I can save up later cause let's be real most of our lives is going to be spent working and saving lol :p I guess when you're the youngest you don't wanna feel like a kid :p Just checked my calendar I have 12 weeks till I'm back at college, that's 12 weeks to get a job and get fit :p Haha I will be doing that if they say no! Hehe ^^

It's the effort that counts! :p Hehe I shall be your sensei! :D Ah right yeah that makes sense and that's my plan as well, to stude enough to get me a good job :) I can't be bothered to study any more languages :p execpt Japanese, still need to learn that properly :p Yeah most writers that make money are those big time writers :/ That's a really good idea! Good job mum then eh? :p

Haha that's the spirit!!! :D Yeah exactly, life is boring enough as it is sometimes lol :p I loved death note, it was one of my very first anime :p I can see why you think that the second half wasn't very enjoyable for me. I'm watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood at the moment it's #1 here and I'm on episode 58 already and it's good but not the greatest imo. I defo would not place it #1 :p Bring on the haters! :p

Exactly! Like even when I'm arguing with a friend I know I'm going to say something bad I just keep quite and I only confront people when the really piss me off :p Haha you're making me jealous, wish I could play with them but they're all yours! :p (sorry if that offended you). Haha you so meant that in a perverted way! You can't deny that! :p Yep that's something rare and I'm glad I met someone like you :D Exactly Anime is a form of entertainment if you don't like it then drop it a move on :p

Hehe added you! ^^

Jul 16, 2014
KuroBladez says...

Haha :p I just passed my test last month now I gotta find some cheap car insurance so I can drive, I hate taking the bus! :p Haha set in GTA Mode :p I would be extremly worried for everyones well being if you had run people over because of "GTA Mode" :p

Yep that's what I've been told :p Yeah it is, just makes life easier if you know what I mean? Custom built meaning you selected all the parts you wanted and they or you put it together, like my PC was custom built, I ordered all the parts I wanted, the company built it and sent it to me unlike the ones you buy from stores those aren't custom built :p Haha Victory! :p Ah so you've got a slighty above average screen and yeah that's a massive difference. Like my old screen was 17" or something like that and me new one is 27" :p 

Yeah exactly every genre has it's good and bad. I was going through a bad time once and I was just thinking to myself I just want a normal happy life and wehn I told my friend he was like "you idiot, life isn't a manga!" :p Oh I didn't mean it to sound like that. Incest IRL isn't something I exactly approve off but in Anime/Manga it doesn't bother me and it can be mild or extreme :p Not sure if you've seen Oreimo but S2 was slowly following the incest route and I didn't mind since the story was really good and throughout S1 and S2 it's just been development and it was pretty good imo.

Hmm I don't really celebrate it, just have family over and chill really which is what I prefer :p Last time I had a proper birthday party was when I was 7 :p So like the day of my birthday will be family and the day before or after will be a movie with a friend and maybe a meal afterwards :D Yeah I guess it's not bad for now cause I'm still in college :p I doubt yours are as bad as mine lol :p Well yeah I think getting married at like 26-28 is a good time, I'm in no rush :p So both you have your birthday during the same month? That's awesome! There are a lot of August birthdays in my family lol :p Well at least you have been committed to each other and in this day and age it's a nice thing to see. 

Hmm I dunno, I doubt my parents would approve of me having a girlfriend especially if she's not indian which annoys me since I'm not that indian myself and I find other indians annoying lol (I have reasons why I say that and I don't mean all indians I'm referring to the ones I spent 5 years with in school :p). It's all strange for me because in this department I can't be myself I have to be the guy who follows religion and obeys my family lol. Like in sikhism (my religion) it says no to sex before marriage but if I like someone a lot and it's getting to that stage I'm not going to deny them because of some rule. So yeah I'm 50/50, I like to think and act for myself. If I do meet a girl who isn't indian/sikh later on in life and wanna get married to her I'll try my hardest to be with her :p It's fine it didn't come across as rude to me :) By all means ask away :D

Oh right haha! :p You slept till noon?! Haha :p

Well I'm glad you said that because when I say stuff like that I'm still called spoilt. Like I know when I'm older and I have kids and they are going to start driving they won't have money so as a parent I'm going to pay for it, that's just the way I see things working. And like you just mentioned my dad said he doesn't need me to get a job he just wants me to get good grades. In england it's when you're 18. Well I spoke to my parents and I said if I have a job and am making money can I live out and they said yes but I have a feeling they are just saying that to make me shut up :p It's just the way indian families work I guess :p  Haha thank you! It does sound fancy doesn't it? :p but in reality it's just a standard degree :p 

I salute you for doing History! I like Science and Math though! Hey if you've got a job and you're happy then no point going back to finish right? Spend that time elsewhere :D

There's no real definition. Like I just watch anime and buy a few things related to it and I call myself one :p Everyone is an otaku! :p Pardon my language but they are elitist pricks. I hate those kind of people the most. I was bullied for like anime and it's just like why can't you just let people enjoy what they do and it's worse when it comes from people who like the same things. Like I hate people who say "You're not an anime fan because you don't watch certain series" or something like "My series is much better than yours so you're not a real fan", "only fags watch Naruto". EACH TO THEIR OWN!

When it comes to cosplaying the community is just worse. Like when they call them ugly or fat it's like why don't you just stfu and let them enjoy what they are doing? Yeah you can't say a cosplay is bad because the boobs aren't as big as the anime because most of the time that size does not exsist. I've heard that before and like I've been told how uncomfortable having huge breats can be :/ Oh well you still love 'em right? I'm sure she's happy knowing that :) Yeah I don't critique anime either all the ratings I give are based on my enjoyment :D 

Hehe ^^ Good luck! Oh and I was wondering, do you have Skype or maybe an IM that you use wether that's on the computer or your phone? Cause it's easier to talk on that and we can talk more if you'd like! :D

Jul 15, 2014
KuroBladez says...

While that's true some people are just naturally better at some games than others. I'm sure you don't suck at driving lol, for a minute there I thought we was talking about real life :p And it's only NPCs lol don't worry about them either, it's GTA you should be killing them :p

I'm told I'm wise for my age which I like but when I'm silly I'm super silly :p Haha nice! I always love getting new tech! Ah, was it custom built? That's a more than a bit annoying if all the drivers are for 8.1 lol :p Yeah it's annoying how they opperate like that. The wait is too long! :D Haha lol, how big is your screen?

I don't mind recommending some anime! :D Yep exactly. Anime is entertaining because it's not real life although I do enjoy a good slice-of-life anime but again it's more of a dream world :p Haha you like perverted men in anime? :p So you don't mind incest as long as it's not too far?

That's a nice dream :p Yep, only 5 more days! :D Hmm it's all dependant on the family/kids and stuff, for the most part I'd say no, most people move out as soon as possible. I have Indian parents so that probably explains why I'll never be able to move out until the day I get married and have kids or something lol. That may sound extreme but that's probably my only way out lol and if that's the case I have at least another 8 years ahead of me :p You used google translate to stay in school? Haha yeah when you live close you think "Oh I can live a bit later" and then you end up super late :p 

My parents paid for all my lessons and stuff, which lead to people calling me spoilt :p I want to leave like now but I know that won't happen, I HOPE I'll get to leave when I'm like 21 or 22, by then my studies would have finished and I would have a job so I can afford to live on my own without my parents money! HND = Higher National Diploma :) Haha I was tired of school since day 1 lol Yep another 2 years and then maybe 1 top-up year to get my Bachelor's. :D I'm not tired fo it now because I'm doing something I love so it makes things easier on me and things are less boring. 

Haha yeah it was! You can't be an Otaku if you enjoy the sunlight! :O :p I shall be with you in spirit and will support you till you get back! You better live! :D

Ah it's fine don't worry about it! Haha that sounds like fun! :D

Jul 13, 2014
KuroBladez says...

Haha maybe but it is time consuming and when I play others I still get my ass handed to me lol since they dedicate more time than I do :p Haha I've always hated choppers, like I can control them easily but I just prefer to drive :p Well you shouldn't worry too much it's only GTA :p 

I wouldn't say that based on you preferring W7 lol :p And it's not midlife yet! You're still young! Which probably sounds silly coming from an almost 19 year old lol :p Haha exactly as long as it works :p

Well yeah I suppose so, logically explanation behind it lol :p Yeah I love a lot of characters because in each of their own series the mean something :D That's probably cause I've seen more but those female characters I've selected are AMAZING so maybe if you want see which series they are from and watch them because I'd highly recommend them! Erza!!! <3 I think they might be more perverted than us in the west but anime generally exaggerates much of japanese culture.  I haven't seen that but I know my fair share of perverted anime grandads :p

Hopefully I can cosplay one day! Haha I wouldn't even attempt to try on my own! :D Well I'm 19 in a few days and I'm still gonna be stuck at home! They won't let me leave lol! :p Haha luckily for me I've always lived close to my school/college yet I'm still late haha :p I don't think I could balance two jobs! I wouldn't say that's spoilt just shows your parents care :) I bet you I'm going to be stuck here forever! I finished school at 16 and now I'm at college, finished my level 3 and starting my HND in October which is a 2 year course. :D

Haha yeah exacly busy times for me and I'm like you as well I had an anime burst during easter and watched 200+ episodes in 2 weeks it's been a long time since I've done anything like that and recently I've probably watched 300 in 3 months lol :p I'm in an anime slump currently :p I wish you good luck and hope you live! Cause I wouldn't be able to survive! :p

Jul 9, 2014