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chii says...

Crotchie FTW!!!

Mar 26, 2010
chii says...

i have that little stuffed animal :D yay crochie (that's what corey named it XD)

Mar 17, 2010
jakarrd says...

FF13 is pretty good. The storyline is really good though I really have grown tired of hope.  People were saying Vanilled would get on your nerves but emo boy way out  does her in that dept.  It's really pretty and they went back to the ATB system so combat is fairly involved.  The paradigm shifting the introduce makes you play around a lot to combat enemies.  it's somewhat limiting at the moment since you have to wait till chapter 10 before you can start pick and choosing who you want in a group.  it's three discs and there are a LOT of cut scenes.  at one point I think I had 5 mins of combat for 30 mins of talking... O_O;

Coolness.  though I doubt you relax all that much mr I have to run when i'm bored, hehe.

Mar 16, 2010
jakarrd says...

Taking a break and been playing FF13 and getting back into WoW among other things.  and reading hehe. About the same ole same ole for this old geek.

what's up with you?  Still on track to head to the other side of the pond?

Mar 16, 2010
NimirRa says...

Was Daughter of Twenty Faces awesome or what?

Mar 11, 2010