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NimirRa says...

Didn't expect to like some of these, because I generally don't like slow music, but *really* liked some of those. You uploaded Sorry James for me before and I lurve it. ^.^ Thanks!

Oct 14, 2010
NimirRa says...

Okay I am officially obsessed with the Unicorns & Mustaches song you showed me. I wont tell you how many times I've listened to it, but I will say I might as well make it my homepage at this point.

I also can't watch the video without clapping along. I felt this detail couldn't be left out.

Aug 7, 2010
NimirRa says...

I just finished watching Defendor on your recommendation. I can't believe how excellent it ended up being. The music was great and the whole thing was pretty much perfect except the sad ending. I cried, but in a totally not wussy way fyi. I guess you're now promoted to my music AND movie pimp.

Jul 19, 2010
KiraRin says...

Fly by spamming to let you know I'm doing great out here. I was really smert and deleted your Canuckian number off my mobile and replaced it with the UK one when you came over >.>

Hope all is ticking along well for you and your new job :p


Jun 29, 2010
jakarrd says...

How's the knee doing, boyo?

Jun 17, 2010