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Otaku108 says...

mfing gaou!!

Jan 2, 2011
martikhora says...

Don't want me to start doing miracles...

Nov 30, 2010
NimirRa says...

Oh god I completely forgot about Cabin Fever. That movie was so awful hahaha. I can't believe you liked it. Little hesitant after the Cabin Fever rec, but I'll check out Monsters. I have a possible movie rec. It's not the kind of movie most people like, but I thought it was hilarious and very entertaining. It's called Tadpole. I just watched the trailer on youtube since I never caught the trailer and I see they left out pretty much the main topic of the movie... so if you decide to watch it it's going to be a big surprise lol.

Liked the music recs this round. ^.^ One of them I actually am familiar with, but I never knew the band/song name until now.

Oct 21, 2010
NimirRa says...

"while running around in the woods trying not to get shot"

Woah woah, what? You didn't *really* turn into a giraffe did you?

No, this isn't full out boot camp mode yet. I'll eventually work up to waking up at 4:45 am and working out 3 times a day and all that fun stuff. Would be pushing myself towards that faster if I wasn't worried about my body spazzing out again and fainting or something worse. I'm not getting the constant supervision anymore, but I'm still not allowed to lock any room doors when I'm alone. >.<

Oct 18, 2010
NimirRa says...

Yup yup training is going pretty well. 2 liters of water a day and now I officially hate water haha. That and going to the gym for an hour everyday. Oh I almost forgot... the die(t). Ahhh not much else to do but wait.

Your guy finish that tattoo drawing yet?? It's been a while now hasn't it.

Oct 17, 2010