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Apocalypse Zero

Oct 12, 2010


    The following is as ridiculous as it sounds, which is why I had to scrawl what I thought about it. 


    Man with seemingly impenetrable bio-armour fights to protect the innocent from a host of villains, which includes his brother, errr sister, errr brother. Not to be missed: the dragon-headed pork sword, massively oblong fun bubbles, and perfectly sculpted moobs. Need I say more?


    With artistic stylings reminiscent of some of the best animation that Japan has to offer, Apocalypse Zero actually manages to create a vivid experience for the viewer. Sure, the lines aren’t crisp, and the colours are a bit muddy, but the character designs and post-apocalyptic scenery more than make up for it. The Zero armour also received extra attention, the small, accented details in its muscular structure and the fluidity of its movement making the blood splattering punishment it dishes out all that much more entertaining. In any sensible review, the animation is likely to one of two remotely redeeming factors; there is simply no other place to find such outlandishly conceived villains.


    Not surprisingly, the acoustic accompaniment is usually either absent or indistinct. Seriously lacking in emotion, any background noise simply serves to detract from the voice acting. The ED follows suit, sounding exactly like you’d expect to hear from one of thousands of direct-to-dvd animations: drab, unoriginal and irrelevant with respect to the tone of the previous hour of animation. In addition to the animation, it’s safe to say that the voice acting could also receive a passing grade. The villains sound just as twisted as their contorted bodies look and Kakugo’s voice is filled with the determination of a man seeking vigilante justice.


    When it comes to villains, everyone can find something to love in Apocalypse Zero; from a pink sliver of a man not unlike a well-crafted bobble-head doll with his twig and two berries swaying freely in the wind to a gargantuan, heifer of a woman whose love entails devouring her young, male prey to a seemingly helpless nurse turned torpedo-tit toting villain, it does make one wonder if this was originally intended to be a fetish hentai. This notion is even further reinforced by background character designs, most notably the nurse’s first victims: a trio of cock-tongued, mohawk-sporting punks. Unfortunately this is where the creativity runs dry. Each and every character has a personality rivalled only by the most charismatic paper bag, and that is how they stay, as the only development you’ll find is the inexplicable change from male to, uhhh, shemale that Harara undergoes. It must be said that the method with which Harara and Kakugo must control the Zero armour is also unique.


    Terrible doesn’t even begin to describe just how awful Apocalypse Zero really is, but it’s in this floundering mess that I was able to find enjoyment. Does the story contain any semblance of depth? Does the soundtrack parallel the dynamics of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony? Will you ever find out why Harara grew an ample bosom as a result of becoming a stronger fighter? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding NO. Instead, drug-induced character designs and audio production quality fitting of animation retrieved from the shallow grave it was laid to rest in back in the 80’s makes for a memorable, albeit disturbingly lacklustre, experience. And that’s why I LIKE IT.


1/10 story
6/10 animation
4.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Oct 12, 2010