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  • In Defense of Trinity Soul (A Rant on How I can Love it and Still be a Persona Fan)

In Defense of Trinity Soul (A Rant on How I can Love it and Still be a Persona Fan)


Last night I excitedly watched the first episode of Persona 4: The Animation.  It wasn't the best thing ever, but I was pleased.  Those of us who played the game had lots of squee moments and those who hadn't still seemed to enjoy it.  I then wandered animenewsnetwork for a while, as I often do and decided to read the reviews for this season of anime.  The first one I read for P4 opened with this paragraph.


"Hey, remember when Persona: Trinity Soul came out and it had almost nothing to do with its supposed source material, Persona 3? Of course you don't! All good Persona fans have tried to wipe that abomination from their minds."


Excuse me?  Apparently, I'm not a good Persona fan because not only have I not wiped that abomination from my mind but I consider it one of the best anime I've seen (Ghost in the Shell SAC and Le Chevalier d'Eon being the others).  It's definitely not the best, but I don't feel like it's completely paled by Ghost in the Shell and d'Eon either.  To me, it's in the same ballpark and deserves to be treated as an anime with a very strong plot and characters, with interesting battles that, while not frequent or long, are pretty intense.


Now, I understand why after hearing that there's an anime for P3 someone could be upset to discover Trinity Soul instead.  However, it's clear which Persona it's based on, pulling stunts you'd only see P3 pull, and the basic character archetypes I have come to love are all present.  Added bonus: it's a continuation of a story I love with definite ties if you're just willing to look.  The most obvious of these being Akihiko.  They did a brilliant job with leaving an anime that's interesting if you haven't played, or even heard of, anything Persona but with lots of fun little cookies if you have and many of Akihiko's actions take on a slightly different meaning of emphasis if you know the character.


And don't give me that "It doesn't have a fool or shadows" argument.  Neither, really, do Persona 1 and 2.  Heck, in Persona 2 the MC is the sun arcana, but something without a fool doesn't count as Persona so the first two games don't count either.  Added point, have you looked at Shin?  I wager that his behaviour and 'Yu Narukami's' behaviour are going to match better than it seems likely.  The basic concept of a fool doesn't work when you have to tell a story because being the fool largely about being the blank slate for fate to draw on.  You try writing that in a narrative or a show and see how it goes.  As for the shadows that's just a matter of pick your evil.  In the first two games we get demons, in the most recent two we get shadows, and in Trinity Soul we get other persona users although the people who come from the whale certainly resemble shadows in a lot of ways, sort of the reverse of what you see in P3 and 4.


Trinity Soul is a sequel and, like all Persona sequels, has only so much to do with what came before it.  I don't bash P4, on a serious level, because it bares relatively little resemblance to P3.  I mean, seriously, where are any of the characters I spent a hundred hours learning to adore?  I'll tell you where.  One cameo of a character I don't even like.  At least in Trinity Soul we get Akihiko.  And where did the evokers go?  Those just poof in both cases.


Now to why this opening statement went from "I disagree" to "I'm pissed off".  I'm not a good Persona fan?  Excuse me.  You're wrong.  Persona 4 is what successfully got me into video games in the first place and Persona 3 is the first video game I basically played on my own.  I have finished the Answer, I have finished P3P as both the male and the female, and I will undoubtedly get P4 when it comes out on the Vita.  I'm currently playing Persona 1 and spend too much time on the SMT wiki for my own good.  I even cosplay the P3 MC and have the Shigenori Soejima artbook and the P3P official fanbook, but I'm not a good fan because I adore Trinity Soul.  Or maybe I just happen to like Persona because of the actual concepts of what a Persona is and how it works, as well as the sort of plots it gives you to work with.


You also shouldn't open a review that way.  The review isn't supposed to be about Trinity Soul, but P4 and there was really no reason to bring Trinity Soul into it to begin with, much less with such a bashing, overgeneralized, statement.  Come on animenewsnetwork, you're better than this.


When I like something I look for continuations of that.  I want truly new representations and new stories and fanfiction rarely cuts it.  I've been looking forward to the P4 anime, but I would have been happy with another story too.  The anime will pale when compared to the game, no matter how good a job they do and I like having more to chew on for my own ideas.


You can bash my show, but you'd better give a better reason than it's not like it's source material when it's not even trying and don't you dare try telling me I'm not a fan because only a fan would get this worked up over this.

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devlin277 avatar devlin277
Oct 8, 2011

I dunno p4a semeed like a disapointment from the first ep the fight scene was good but the characters look really weird with the animation style, but waht annoys me the most is that the dialog seems directly copied from the game word-by-word. Another thing, just my opinion, i thin kthey are really rushing becouse the dialog seems like runing non stop. i hope they just wanted to skip the introductions and get to the action :D

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