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For most of my 5 stars the show is either all around good or it brings out a good emotional response. If i cant help but laugh or cry and have to control it the show is doing something right beyond what a normal show can do.

My ratings may seem to be high, but I generally stop watching shows I dont like. No point in wasting time watching something if it cant hold your interest. 

Favorite Show: Cowboy Bebop. The Art, Music, Story, and Characters are all amazing. This is why I started watching anime. 

Of the newer shows my favorite is Humanity has Declined. It is unique and I find its humour to be somewhat smarter then most comedies.

No Game No Life: Episode 6 the Shiritori game is one of the best anime episodes ever. The whole show is awesome, but that episode is amazing.

Favorite Character: Toshinou Kyouko from Yuru Yuri. I find her the most amusing of any character i've come across. Her giddy attitude and happy nature intwined with her skills and intelligence. Unlike Konata from Lucky Star (to whom she shares similar characteristics), she seems more natural in her statea and I feel she has more depth of character.

If Kirino from Oreimo wasn't so cold she would be a near copy of Kyouko.

Favorite Anime Moments:

End of Episode 13 Jupiter Jazz part 2 in Cowboy Bebop.

The short daydream by Osaka about killing Chiyo by pulling off her pig tails.

When Daikichi combs Rins hair and fails in Bunny Drop.

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