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Hi!!! im lyn....i like to meet new ppl who like also anime and of course i like ppl who is kind,honest, easy to be w/ and friendly jst like me lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if any one there like to be my friend jst invite me and im willing to accept u!!!!!!!!! i really really love anime..they r so cool...^^.."two thumbs up"....

~~~~just a short poem about me~~~~

I'm not a PERFECT GIRL. My hair DOSEN'T ALWAYS stay in place & I SPILL THINGS a lot. I'm PRETTY CLUMSY & sometimes Ihave a BROKEN HEART. MY FRIENDS & I sometimes FIGHT & maybe some days NOTHING goes right. but when I think ABOUT IT & take a STEP BACK I remember how AMAZING LIFE truly is & that maybe. just maybe. I like being UNPERFECT.....

JuSt BeCaUsE i"M qUiEt DoEsN't MeAn I dOn'T hAvE aNyThInG tO SaY. i JuDgE PeOpLe To EaSiLy FroM mY FirST ImPREssIOn. I'd RathER WaIT fOr ThE PrFecT GuY, tHaN SeTtLe FoR AnYboDy. I'M UnpReDiCtaBle & SpOnTaneOuS. I TRY TO BE FROGIVING. I EnjoY BeIng UnIQuE. I'd RaThER LooK ImMaTuRe AnD HaVE FuN ThEn CaRe WhAt OthEr PEoplE ThInK. SoMetimES i"m ReAllY ConFiDEnT, OtHer TimEs i FeEl ReAlLy InSecUrE. My FrIeNdS MeAn EvErThinG tO Me, BuT SoMeTimEs I JuSt WaNt To Be AlonE. I ENvY PeOpLE WhO cAn FiT In So EaSily WiThoUt EvEn TrYINg. I'm OpInIOnAtEd & StUbBoRN. BuT i'M lOyaL, SiNcErE & CaRinG. I AlWaYs tRy tO SeE thE BeSt iN u.....EvEn If U AnNoy Me. I hAtE WhEn PeOplE MAkE mE FeEl GuIlTy tO GeT tHeiR WaY. i'lL ALWAYS bE HeRe To LiStEn To Ur PRoBlEmS & I WilL sTiCk uP fOr U nO MaTtEr WhAt HaPpeNs.....

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blueboy57 Feb 1, 2010

hey what's up.  you're like the first girl I've seen on here...glad to see that we're not just a bunch of nerdy guys lol.

cameronanimeangel Jul 28, 2008

Hey hows it going. I hope you are enjoying your time here. If you need to find some anime stop on by to my list, or the data base, and the forums for more. Any way have a great day.

ShadowNinja41 Jul 17, 2008

I like your profile, but with all those capital letters it was kinda hard to read. Then again I'm an idiot outside of school so it may just be me. I like your avatar as well.

 I'm gonna add you. Hope you don't mind.

SousukeSagara Jul 15, 2008

hey lol i havent been on these 2 days, ive been watching movies and just finished vandread season 2

kamika14mizu Jul 14, 2008

hi there im just new here..im finding for..friends..well then its nice to meet you..im not finish decorating mt prof..so if you visit it,it looks ugly..well im adding you..please be great..LOL hahhah just kidding..im a great friend..