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Summer 2012- Introduction


Not that anyone would read this, as I have no friends..(on this site)...Good day there...I thought I'd start by how I found this website...I was trying to find anime similar to "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei"...an anime I started and finished this summer....and while on Google....I found this site...I looked up the anime...look for lists that were compiled together...and I ultimately found a great anime, "Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?" which I loved and so I decided to create an account since it helped me so much...what I didn't know and soon found out was that you can track all your anime watching time here...and so I did...and I was surprised to see how little I've actually watched in only 2 years....Well anyway, this is only the first post...My summer has been uneventful as usual...I only went to Connecticut to see my cousins, posted the first chapter of my TF2 fanfic, went to see a friend in Brookyln, practiced piano, and drew a little....I definitely wish I was better at drawing....I'll start compiling a summer anime list...I guess it all started when my friend told me about Mirai Nikki...It was damn amazing...but she didn't have anymore recommendations...so I looked up a title that I often saw when I went in manga stores such as Kinokuniya...and boy do I not regret that decision....Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei was one of the most random, but amazing animes I've ever watched...It had just about the right amount of everything...I wish there was a girl like Kiri Komori in real life.. :3

Anyway, I'm glad you kept reading if you did read this....see you in the next post...


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