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Towa no Quon ( or Towanoquon, depending on the translation you're watching) is a 6 movies franchise produced by Bones Studios. This is the review of the first movie, Towa no Quon : Utakata no Kaben.

As it a movie series, the story in the first opus is vague and a bit unexplained. I believe it could act as an introduction to the series, I guess. Otherways, it looks like an simple science fiction story with ressemblances to Darker than Black. It is way too soon to epict a judgement on the story as it is not developped enough to see the large picture.

Bones did it again on the animation. Fluid, colorful and masterly done. Pure eye candy to watch. Is it me of the character design look like Oreimo? Forget that last line, just my imagination...

A lovely soundtrack made by none other than Kawai Kenji, what to ask more? His music is incredible. The main character, Quon, is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya and he does once again a really good job picturing him with a really sweet voice reflecting his kindness. The cast in general had good voice acting. Did I mention Sawashiro Miyuki AND Okawa Toru are there? It makes me an extremely happy fangirl right now.

Ending section: Remashed of the movie with an irritating song.

As it is only an introduction, he have not seen much in this film. But one thing: I adored the midget main character, Quon. So tiny and so adorable with a good vibe around him. I like his demeanor and the way he stays so calm. I just wish he'll stop hitting us with his ''I want to save everyone.'' cliché.

Overall, I'm hooked for the following movies to see if the series will surpass itself ( I hope). We haven't seen much up to this point and I really want to see those characters shine. Hope the time will respond to us.

Score: A ok start with 3.5/5. There is room for amelioration.

NOTE: Sentai Filmworks licensed the series for a release on DVD/BluRay in 2012. Depending if the series gets better or not, I shall get these ones.


Next! Sailor Moon and my DVD reviews of Soul Eater and Guardian of the Spirit ( Seirei no Moribito).



























7.5/10 story
8.7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7.4/10 characters
7.6/10 overall
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Purplefeeling Jun 25, 2012

you sir, have piqued my interest