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Jun 11, 2011

Chobits is one of Clamp's most famous works. Apart from the romance it tells, it also teaches a great lesson of philosophy.

The story is simple and quite well thought.

Chobits is an old show of 2002. Still, Madhouse still win with it's nimation. Nowadays, Chobits animation is ok, but in it's original time it should have been simply gorgeous.

The sound is ok. An effective techno pop soundtrack with solid voice-acting. Sugita Tomokazu, even if am no fan of his, offers an exceptionnal prestation. His co-star, Tanaka Rie offers a excellent prestation too. The show is sparkling with great voice actors here and there along eith new voices who truly push this show to greatness.

Opening section: A good and simple song that respects the theme of the series.

Ending section: Three songs depending the actual mood felt in the series.

The characters are really good and interesting to watch. None of them feel rushed or badly interpreted.

DVD section

Due to Geneon ( the previous licensor of Chobits) falldown, it was a hindrance to try to get their boxset. Fortunately, Funimation answered our prayers in May 2011 and gived back the series a chance to shine. They released it in their classic anime line along with other old titles such as Darker than Black that I already fully reviewed. The boxset is around the same thing. For a relative cheap price you get a good product. The boxset presented with Clamp original art features the complete series along with the extras in japanese and english versions.

Overall, if you love romance charming light series that add something to think about, definetely try this one out. It is overwhelming charming.

Score: 4/5. A good series to enjoy to it's fullest.

Sorry for the short review due to a headache -__-

Next! Ah! My Goddess, Chobits specials and my actual review of Eden of the East (probably)

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8.3/10 characters
8/10 overall
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