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Here it is, more than after 6 months wait! The long awaited OVA of the hit popular series Highschool of the Dead! At the end of the series last episode, fans will rejoice because one OVA was set out to be released.

The story was just plain fanservice for the male fans. it features plenty of huge boobs in scandalously tiny swimsuits. It could simply be resumed at one beach party on a lonely island. It was just pure comical relief.

As always, the animation was just pure eye candy. Filled with details and consistency. Madhouse wins here. An advice: 1080p is the way to enjoy the series and the OVA. One of few series that I'd bother watching in such high quality.

The sound was good. The voice cast was exactly the same than the series. No surprise here.

And again, the characters were already exploited in the series. This OVA didn't add a touch to the characters. Still, it was good to see them again after more than half a year.

Overall, if you liked the Highschool of the Dead series , you'll probably like this one too. Created towards the male fandom, it can startle you a bit if you're a girl like me. I like it. Not much but not hated either.

Score:3.5/5. Ok, but the actual series was soooo much better.

Next! Returning to serious business with XXXHolic and Darker than Black

5/10 story
9.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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jacobgr43 May 5, 2011

i think the OVA was pretty poor compared to the series, there's none of the over the top action scene's witht the zombies that i loved so much in the series and although im a big fan of ecchi the only point the OVA entertained me was in the last 5 or so minutes i'd say it should get a 6/10 at most